You don’t need weights to strengthen your upper body — just use these seven bodyweight moves

If you've been told that the only way to improve upper body strength is to lift weights, you're being misled. You may not see sustained muscle growth without some form of heavier resistance, but you can certainly use just your body weight to strengthen and increase muscle definition in the upper body. This seven-step no-equipment procedure is a great place to start.

Sure, you can target your upper body muscles with small portable equipment (like some of the best resistance bands), but for this routine, you just need to be up and ready for some solid bodyweight workouts for 7 minutes.

Maddie Lymburner, also known as MadFit (opens in new tab), is the workout coach for this video. She walks you through the routine and provides visual and audio tips on how to perform each exercise in good form. Some movements mimic traditional weightlifting exercises, but Lymburner will guide you on how to make sure you're still using your upper body muscles and getting similar results.

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