Yoga asanas inspired by Malaika Arora to help you shed weight

Malaika Arora is one of the healthiest actresses in the film industry. Today's young actresses are also amazed when they see her perfect, well-maintained body. Malaika Arora can often be seen working out in the gym in many videos. Meanwhile, she keeps sharing her yoga glasses, workout videos and photos on her social media account Instagram. Malaika practices different types of yoga to stay healthy. She also shares workout videos. She never compromises on fitness, as if watching her videos. She was also seen doing another type of yoga, this time she performed Danda Yoga.

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Danda Yoga is Malaika's favorite yoga practice

Malaika Arora shared a video on her Instagram account of herself doing yoga with a stick in her hand. In the caption, he wrote that, of all the forms of yoga, Danda Yoga is my favorite. This is because it has many advantages. Danda Yoga benefits health in many ways.

Benefits of Doing Danda Yoga

Shee writes that by doing danda yoga, she has lost belly fat, especially the fat that accumulates around her waist.

By doing danda yoga, the muscles of the hands, legs and spine are greatly stretched. This can reduce muscle pain. Muscles are strengthened.

This type of yoga also helps to completely relax the body.

According to Malaika, you don't need a stick to do Danda Yogasana. You can also keep fit with towels and water bottles.

Doing danda yoga also benefits the chest and lungs. The abdominal organs can remain healthy while being stimulated.

In addition to improving blood circulation in the body, it also helps to improve breathing.

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