Winter Shows Before & After Of 100 Pound Weight Loss

Family Chantel cast member Winter Everett weighed 330 pounds before undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico following her split from boyfriend Jah.

Chantel Homestay Star Winter Everett dropped 100 pounds on her weight loss journey, which she proudly shows off in a before and after video.The 27-year-old sister 90 day fiancé Actor Chantel Everett steps out of his shadow in this family-focused spinoff.As Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are about to divorce, Winter's storyline is set in Chantel Homestay Season 4 sees her undergoing weight loss surgery in Tijuana. In 2020 she opted for gastric balloon surgery. That was after Atlanta resident Winter went through a painful breakup with ex-boyfriend Jakin.

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a lot has changed Chantel Homestay Winter Everett's life since then, with fans following her progress on Instagram as she continues to document it. Winter's latest Instagram post is about her weight loss. “same coat #100lbsdownWinter wrote in the caption of her video. It's a collage of past and present in which Winter shows how a dress looks different after she's lost a lot of weight.

Winter Everett Chantel in 90 Day Fiancé Family Video Instagram Before and After

On the right is a photo from a few years ago, and on the right is Winter wearing a pale pink coat when she tried it on recently. It wasn't just her slender figure that made Winter look refreshed, but also the way she styled her coats. Before, Winter covered himself with a coat to hide his body, and in 2023, 90 day fiancé Star Winter accessorized it with a white polo shirt, skinny gray jeans and a cute black beret while dancing to Lizzy McAlpine's “Ceiling.”

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Why Winter From the Family Chantel Had Weight Loss Surgery

The Family Chantel's Winter Everett Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

Winter weighed 330 pounds when she decided to change her life. Over the past two years, Winter has lost an impressive 100 pounds. It's been a slow but steady journey for Winter, adding to her new lifestyle with exercise and diet. When Winter saw a weight-loss Barbie, aka Kayla La Vende, on TikTok, she was inspired to undergo weight-loss surgery. That was after she broke up with Jah and Winter was just browsing the apps. Chantel Homestay Actor Winter saw Kayla tell the story of how she underwent weight loss surgery in Mexico.

After extensive research, including a survey of the doctors who performed Kayla's surgery, Winter was ready for a sleeve gastrectomy, a surgery to shrink the stomach for long-term weight loss purposes. Winter had to face opposition from her family, especially Chantel and her mother. Surgeons plan to remove 75 percent of Winter's stomach. By then, Winter had tried conventional methods to lose weight. She's lost 50 pounds and is already showing off her toned figure on Instagram.

The next step in Winter's weight loss journey was plastic surgery. 90 day fiancé Celebrity Winter may be considering getting a tummy tuck soon, though she hasn't discussed the details with fans yet.At the same time, the future Chantel Homestay Still a mystery on TLC. With Chantel and Pedro breaking up, the show likely won't have a fifth season as the couple have gone their separate ways. But instead, it will be refreshing for fans to see Winter's dating life after her newfound confidence and her new life as a model on TV.

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