Winter & Chantel Show Off Weight Loss In Full Glam

The Family Chantel's Winter and Chantel Everett flaunted their slimmer figures in stylish dresses.

Chantel Homestay Stars Winter and Chantel Everett recently showed off their toned bodies in stunning dresses on Instagram.The brother-sister duo is famous for appearing in 90 day fiancé The spinoff and their weight loss journey on social media. Following her split from ex-partner Pedro Jimeno in 2022, Chantel posted multiple photos on her Instagram showing off her physical transformation. Likewise, Winter lost 100 pounds after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

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Chantel Homestay Winter Everett and Chantel recently posted another set of stunning photos on Instagram, showing off their full-body fitness transformation.

Chantel and Winter Everett from The Family Chantel on Instagram

In the photo, Winter and Chantel pose in front of an expensive Hummer while showing off their curves by standing together. While Chantel stood sideways showing off a beautiful sparkly white glam dress, Winter posed for the camera in her black one-shoulder suit. The sisters look stylish after a gorgeous makeover. They posted another photo with their brother, Riverknight Everett, who also looks fit and great.

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Chantel's home viewers praise Winter and Chantel's beauty

Winter Everett and Chantel Jimeno Family Chantel

Fans in the comment area couldn't help but like Winter and Chantel, they are in great shape, healthy and happy. One Instagram user wrote, “Light 3 flames for 3 handsome men,” And ask when Chantel and Winter will be back on TV again. Fans also asked River if he was single, and joked, “find friends.” Another user told the siblings they looked young and looked “Go to the prom.” 90 Day Fiancé Star Molly Hopkins also shared her love by writing, “Looking good ladies,” Winter responded, “Oh, thank you.”

The recent photos aren't the first time Chantel and Winter have shown off their toned bodies together. Previously, the sibling duo shared numerous posts of themselves enjoying time and showing off their weight loss progress. Winter is believed to have lost 100 pounds, which has brought her closer to Chantel, as evidenced by their social media posts. The sisters didn't display such sibling love online as they rekindled their relationship with their old partner. But since breaking up with their respective men, they have looked to each other for comfort and friendship. While Chantel has become more down-to-earth like her older sister, Winter has learned a new fashion sense from her older sister.

Chantel Homestay The spinoff may be over now that Chantel has split from her show co-star and her former partner Pedro. However, there is still interest in watching The Everetts again, evident in the comments section. TLC will likely take advantage of this and possibly resume the spinoff next season.If not, then both Chantel Homestay star eligible to be part of next season 90 Days: Single LifeThere are several men in the hit reality TV franchise who might be dating.

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