Will dishing out weight loss jabs solve Britain’s obesity crisis? Fat chance

HIGH Street chemist Boots is selling a diet pill, but it comes with all sorts of caveats.

Wegovy – also known as semaglutide – is only available through an “online prescription” issued after a questionnaire, your BMI should be 30 or above, it should be consistent with a healthier diet and exercise regime, and must be discontinued within two years.

High street chemist Boots is selling a weight loss shot with all sorts of warnings


High street chemist Boots is selling a weight loss shot with all sorts of warningsCredit: Getty
Wegovy - also known as semoglutide - only available with 'online prescription'


Wegovy – also known as semoglutide – only available with ‘online prescription'Credit: Getty

But people lie on questionnaires, right?

They also don't follow “guidelines” if they don't meet their needs.

Considering that seeing a GP is now rarer than a hen's teeth, are “online doctors” real or chatbots that follow an “acceptable answer” algorithm?

Either way, as has already happened in other countries, it will undoubtedly be used as a quick weight loss tool by those who have no medical problems related to obesity and just want to project a perfect body image without the insistence on the hard work that would normally be required .

In Australia, where prescription drugs cannot be advertised to the public, regulators are already investigating social media influencers who promote Ozempic, a diabetes and weight loss vaccine, without mentioning its potential side effects of nausea, diarrhea or constipation.

Likewise, a 2002 study showed that users regained most of the lost weight after stopping the injections.

Of course they do, because the only way to stay fit and healthy is to avoid quick success, eat right, and exercise more.

The experts know it, the rest of us know it, and the government knows it.

However, rather than addressing the root causes of this country's escalating obesity problem, they'd rather fuel a vicious downward spiral in the food industry, feeding us on fat and sugary processed foods that keep us putting on weight, and then diet The industry flogs us for “quick fix” solutions to try and get rid of it.

healthy lifestyle choices

This is crazy. But, of course, these industries have powerful lobbyists who oppose change and pay massive taxes to bloat government coffers.

So now that there are weight-loss injections on the high street near you, that will inevitably mean increased demand for those who don't need it, resulting in reduced supply for those who do.

A spokesperson for Boots said: “Wegovy is a prescription-only weight loss drug that can help regulate appetite and reduce appetite. When used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet, increased physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices, it can be a An effective drug to achieve sustained weight loss.”

Sounds great on paper, when a GP prescribes responsibly, he sees patients face-to-face, professionally assessing their real needs and developing a diet and exercise plan at the same time.

But could distributing it online to everyone and everyone else solve the UK's obesity crisis? A rare opportunity.

Madonna believes criticism of her surgically altered appearance at the Grammys is the result of “ageism and misogyny”.

A lot of the people involved are women, surely the “ageists” are those advocating that she have surgery to make herself look younger, and not more against it?

Roaming in Rome is not a good idea for Ralph

When Ralph Fiennes was spotted arm in arm with a “mystery woman” on the streets of Rome, no one was more startled than her husband, James Lindsay.

Friends of photographer James, 61, claim his wife Amelia Richards, 52, had told him just days earlier she wanted a tentative separation but “absolutely no one else was involved” .

Ralph Fiennes spotted arm-in-arm with a 'mystery woman' on the streets of Rome


Ralph Fiennes spotted arm-in-arm with a ‘mystery woman' on the streets of RomeImage source: BackGrid

oops. She reportedly met Fiennes at a dinner in New York last December, and maybe she thought she could keep it under the radar.

If it's Colin, it might be possible.

But Harry Potter star Fiennes is an A-list actor, so accompanying him to the paparazzi's former home for a brief break is like wearing a hi-fi jacket with “Look at me” painted all over it.

better choice for meg

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly teamed up with Hollywood agent and entrepreneur Adam Lilling to boost their earning power.

Lilling has a solid track record with other “celebrities” (because that's what H&M is now), but what if he didn't take them on?

Harry and Meg are reportedly teaming up with Hollywood agent and entrepreneur Adam Lilling


Harry and Meg are reportedly teaming up with Hollywood agent and entrepreneur Adam LillingCredit: Getty

In order to maintain the life they have become accustomed to and need ongoing funds, they may look elsewhere for help.

See how it turned out with Uncle Andrew and his financier chum Jeffrey.

White balloons operated by China are being shot down around the world.

Thank goodness Sam Smith's outfit is black, otherwise it could have been awful.

Sam Smith wore this outfit to the Brit Awards


Sam Smith wore this outfit to the Brit AwardsCredit: Getty

joe let the family down

Rugby player Joe Westerman was a loose striker. How apt.

In a widely circulated video, he takes off his pants during an alley sex act with a friend's partner.

As marital indiscretions take place, the situation couldn't have been worse.

His wife, Lauren, rightly feels the need to clarify that the woman in the film is not her – she deserves better and may find it someday.

But their children – the oldest a 14-year-old girl – have only one father.

Shame on him for letting them down so dirty and openly.

Ben's Highs & J-Los

A friend's husband has a T-shirt he likes to wear to block parties.

It read: “Sorry I'm late. I didn't want to come.”

Jennifer Lopez and her new husband Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez and her new husband Ben AffleckCredit: Getty

Maybe Jennifer Lopez might want to buy one for new husband Ben Affleck?

Because it appears that while the 50-year-old movie star still looks young and healthy, psychologically, he's stepped into middle-aged villainy.

While J-Lo's Instagram posts suggested the couple had been in bliss, their body language at the Grammys made it even more difficult when his apparent boredom and misery prompted his visibly frustrated other half to throw a tantrum. There was a lot of discussion.

A lip reader suggested J-Lo tell Ben: “Stop. Look friendlier. Look motivated.”

He reportedly fired back: “I probably would.”

At the recent premiere of her new movie, “Shotgun Wedding,” she also appeared to be checking the glass of a recovering alcoholic.

“He was what you would call a complicated guy. He was always, and I mean always, miserable. And yet, she adored him,” says one of Jennifer's friends.

oh dear. Maybe she thinks she can change him?

Prompt to every stubborn woman who marries FOGO (fear of going out): “Oh no, you won't.”

A first edition cookbook including the earliest known potato chip recipe (1817, as you asked) sold at auction for £420.

My own favorite is the Co-Op's Sea Salt and Chardonnay Vinegar Chips, but they're harder to find than straight male Kardashian fans.

And I know full well that writing this will only make them more scarce.

So here's a tip for the Co-Op's new CEO, Shirine Khoury-Haq, who recently unveiled a partnership with Your Local Pantry to help those in need.

Double the production of those chips, raise the price and donate the difference to those struggling with food bills.

It's a win-win.

Some 5 million adults still live at home with their parents—a situation known as “Mom and Dad's Hotel.”

Rising rents and a lack of affordable housing are a big part of the problem.

The same is imagined for the government's ongoing persecution of private landlords, as if they all conjure up images of dodgy real estate businessman Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

The reality is they are usually suave, hard working types who believed the mantra of the previous government that saving for a buy-to-let property (or two) would be a good pension plan. but now?

Mass shooter, 43, named after 3 dead and 5 in deadly college rampage
Teresa Giudice to produce her own spinoff with new husband Luis Ruelas

Many are finding that being a landlord is more hassle and expense than it's worth, dumping them to any first home buyer who can afford the sale price and punitive stamp duty.

That means all the tenants they housed who didn't have those resources are now back with their parents or couchsurfing while on the Dead Sea Scrolls national housing waiting list.

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