WeShape Seeks to Turn the Page on Failure of New Year Weight Loss Resolutions with Fitness Approach Emphasizing Better Mind-Body Connection

SANTA CRUZ, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2023 / micro plastic, a company that's looking to change the concept of fitness as we know it, is trying to turn the page for those who feel guilty for not meeting their New Year's weight loss goals. The perception that the new year is the perfect time to start a new life, whether it's losing weight or trying to achieve a certain body shape, has started to turn. Losing weight and improving your physique is one of the most common New Year's resolutions. The problem is that people think the number on the scale is an indicator of physical and mental health. While they may go all out on these goals in the first month of the year, this desire to get healthier is difficult to sustain and usually fades away after a short period of time. This is because the motivation to fail does not come from internal sources but from external sources due to societal expectations of the appearance of a healthy person.

Katie Bramlett, Co-Founder micro plastic“We're looking to overturn the concept of fitness. The toxic concept of fitness is defined by the number on the scale and people have to be transformed in order to achieve true fitness. I've been in the fitness industry for a long time helping people achieve weight. I realized that even if they did reach their goal weight, it rarely made them happy because the motivation wasn't intrinsic. It made me rethink the whole concept of fitness, and that's how WeShape was born. At WeShape, we Fitness is defined in terms of how it feels like a mind-body connection. When clients join our program, the first step we take is for them to complete an assessment of what they want to achieve in terms of fitness, it's definitely not a number on a scale or a pant size .WeShape hopes to shift the focus to create a more meaningful and longer-term approach to wellness.”

Katie says many people are hesitant to join a gym or even join an online fitness program because these popular fitness programs are too taxing for them. The only other option is to hire a personal trainer, which is very expensive for most people. The biggest differentiator of the WeShape program is its personal scalability. The program is all about self-acceptance and body appreciation, and building a deeper connection with self and the WeShape community.

Katie concludes, “Whenever people set their minds to make really dramatic health changes overnight, they set themselves up for potential disappointment. Even if they manage to achieve their goals, they experience what I call False sense of accomplishment, which is also very rare. At WeShape, we encourage people to question why we have weight as a fitness parameter, and guide them to question the root causes of these beliefs more deeply so that they can divert attention. We replaced The New Year's concept features resolutions that are a series of challenges that aren't about gaining the approval of others, but about creating a better physical and mental connection. When it comes to helping us feel fulfilled, numbers-focused plans don't work. Instead, we focus on Long-term adoption of a more sustainable approach through a four-point framework of intentions, movements, communities and belief systems.”

WeShape's four-point framework aims to change the way we think about fitness by setting up customized programs to improve exercise levels and supporting members as they face the challenges of their health and wellness journey through regular calls with trainers and the community . The fourth cornerstone of the framework is regular podcasts that provide users with access to a wide range of experts who challenge their belief systems about fitness and make them more knowledgeable. Instead of tracking calories, WeShape tracks health based on pain, sleep, energy levels, and self-confidence. “

Katie questions the concept of weight-centric New Year's resolutions because she believes they are based on outdated value systems that lead to toxic ideas about ideal weight. Her solution was to switch to WeShape's approach to fitness, which was more sustainable, customized, and good for their mental health in the long run. When the focus shifts from how we look to how we feel, fitness becomes more accessible and attainable because it comes from within and feels comfortable in your own skin.

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WeShape is a progressive web-based platform that aims to change the way fitness is done overall through a more sustainable approach to fitness that focuses on a better connection with the body and community support.

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