Weight loss tips: Jackie O Henderson on how she lost 12 kilos during break from Kyle and Jackie O radio show

Radio star Jackie O Henderson has shared her secret to losing 12kg after changing her diet and fitness routine.

The KIIS FM star said she was eating microwave meals and quick meals from local service stations to save her lunch break ahead of her November break.

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“I eat a lot of food that I can grab in a hurry. You know, pizza, sandwiches and takeout, I don't cook for myself,” she told Women's Day.

“‘And I think it's always best when you know what you're putting into your body.

“I'm really lazy.”

Jackie O. Henderson. Credit: instagram

The Kyle and Jackie O show host says she usually “goes for the easy options” when it comes to work food.

“I'll stop at a service station and pick up a sausage roll, or have a microwaveable meal.”

She explained that after taking time off from the show, she can focus on her body.

Henderson took a three-month break in late 2022 after explaining she had “no energy” at the time and was still recovering from COVID.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O interview media personality Melissa Hoyer. Credit: instagram

“I've been to the doctor a few times since I got the virus and he said because I'm pushing myself every day, I've been sleeping after the show and I'm not getting better,” Henderson told the audience at the time.

“I'm wrapping up today's show. Like it is now.”

“You know how much work I put into everything and I don't do it unless I have to.”

Jackie O is on vacation in Fiji. Credit: instagram

During her time away, the mother-of-one said she got involved in tennis, running on a treadmill and water aerobics to stay active.

Henderson says she's cooking fresh, healthy meals for work after the reset.

The radio star made her comeback in January fresh and ready for 2023.

Jackie O is back at work. Credit: instagram

During the break, she did a second Weight Watchers program, she said.

“They were probably thinking, fuck it, she's the worst ambassador ever,” she said of regaining the weight from her first show.

“I did it, then I stopped, and I did it again. Your heart has to be in it. I loved it at first, then I did lose weight, and then I put it back on.”

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