Weight loss story: Anshula Kapoor’s diet and fitness secret REVEALED!

Celebrity fitness has always been a source of great inspiration! In the past, many celebrities have revealed their body transformations and shared their secrets. One such celebrity is Anshula Kapoor, the younger sister of Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and the daughter of director and producer Boney Kapoor.
Calling her weight loss transformation “a work in progress” last year, Anshula took to Instagram to share everything from her fitness, to her diet, to what “fitness” means to her.

‘Dadi's ghar ka khana'
Anshula gave us a sneak peek at her diet and exercise routine in a fun “Ask Me Any Question” (AMA) session on Instagram.

When asked about her favorite meal, she said “Dadi's ghar ka khana”.

“Anything she makes is the tastiest!” she reveals.

What does she eat throughout the day (breakfast/lunch/dinner)?

On her Instagram Story, she wrote, “If I'm eating at home, it's a typical day.”

Breakfast: Eggs and a slice of toast with black coffee, or eggs and half an avocado.

After breakfast: black coffee

Lunch: Typical Indian dish – 1-2 ragi rotis, 100-150g boneless chicken + a large bowl of sabzi. “I'm not fussy about vegetables. Cooking Indian-style, I'll eat almost anything,” she says. Or have an occasional quinoa or lentil pasta with a green salad and some grilled chicken or wings.

Snack: Depending on how hungry I am, or if it's pre or post workout, either of the following: fruit with nuts or a nut butter. an egg sandwich or a veggie sandwich, or some chicken and veggie kebabs; or a protein shake with some nuts, or a thepla or 2.

Dinner: Grilled or tandoori chicken with grilled vegetables, or roti with boneless chicken + a bowl of sabzi (Indian curry)

“I stay up late. So if I’m hungry after dinner, it’s usually a protein shake or a small protein-based snack. However, Anshula, who has a sweet tooth by nature, also revealed that she loves desserts like “the gooeyest chocolate ever.” Cakes, the ones with lava in the middle,” she added.

daily exercise

As far as her workout routine goes, Anshula shared that it was designed by her trainers at Shield Fitness, Priyanka Mehta and Swapneel Hazare.

“The trainers keep changing my program, but it’s basically a strength workout with some functional training thrown in at the end of each session. On a good week, we do strength training 4 times a week, each 1-2 days, and at the end I'll do cardio,” she says.

What “Health” Means to Her

In one of her Instagram posts, Anshula wrote: “Note to self: be nice to yourself today.”

“To me today, ‘health' means so much more than how I look in the mirror. My first step in getting healthier is acknowledging that I'm not at my best mentally and that I have Work out what's inside of me before I start doing other things,” she added.

She also spoke about her mental health issues and said she had to go to therapy. “It took so much therapy. Too many tears. Too much uncertainty. Fear. Frustration. Discomfort. Self-doubt. And then self-actualization. That's how therapy started,” she said.

Celebrity's kid ends her note saying, “I'm flawed, but still worth it 🤍”

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