Weight Loss Pill Warning; Very Low LDL-C Stays Course; Fungal Growth on TAVR Valve

The FDA is warning consumers that Alfia Weight Loss Capsules contain sibutramine, a controlled substance known to pose heart risks in some individuals.

Reducing LDL cholesterol down to <20 mg/dL was associated with a reduction in cardiovascular events, and there was no safety signal at about 5 years into FOURIER-OLE. (cycle)

The model predicts the risk of long-term atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease for a given young person over 30 years. (Journal of the American College of Cardiology)

Contemporary profiles of health systems in Canada, Europe, and Israel indicate a prevalence of heart failure of 1-2% of adults worldwide. (Heart)

Researchers describe a new method for preserving donor hearts that both increases storage and shipping times and improves post-transplant function. (Science Translational Medicine)

High-intensity interval exercise training improves cardiorespiratory fitness more than moderate-intensity steady-state exercise in patients with coronary artery disease in cardiac rehabilitation. (European Journal of Preventive Cardiology)

Individual counseling does not make people with peripheral artery disease walk more, a randomized trial finds. (American Medical Association Cardiology)

Consumption of free sugars but not total carbohydrates was associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in a UK Biobank analysis. (BMC Pharmaceuticals)

A jury found Medtronic infringed Colibri's patents on transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), and the company now owes more than $106 million in damages. (intense biotech)

A case of fungal endocarditis with an Evolut TAVR valve, which had to be surgically removed and subsequently redone for aortic valve replacement. (european heart journal)

Outpatients with isolated left bundle branch block exhibit deficits in maximal functional capacity even with a highly active lifestyle. (Clinical Cardiology)

LivaNova said its Essenz Perfusion System, featuring a heart-lung machine and patient monitor, is in limited commercial release to support patients during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery in Europe.

DiA Imaging Analysis announced that the FDA cleared the LVivo IQS software system for artificial intelligence-assisted cardiac ultrasound acquisition.

AI models have shown promising results in individualized prediction of malignant ventricular arrhythmias or cardiac arrest — but in practice, they may have generalization problems. (Electronic Biomedicine)

The selective thrombin inhibitor argatroban (Acova) given on top of alteplase (Activase) in acute ischemic stroke did not improve outcomes. (JAMA)

Babies from certain socioeconomic groups are more likely to be diagnosed with congenital heart disease later in life, research has found. (usa today)

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