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black coffee: For many of us, coffee is our drink of choice as it acts as a lifesaver when one has to stay up late at work. The drink has a soothing effect that is addictive, hence it is hard to go a day without coffee. Although it keeps us awake and helps us get through the day, it has many other benefits, number one on the list being weight loss. Sounds funny, but coffee works wonders without the added sugar. In addition, black coffee is the most effective, according to media reports, four cups of coffee a day can reduce body fat by 4%.

Here are 5 ways black coffee can help your weight loss journey:

1) Calories

A cup of black coffee brewed with ground beans contains two calories. And a full-bodied dark espresso contains just one, reducing calorie intake by 50%. Also, the number of calories is reduced to zero if decaffeinated beans are used.

2) lose weight

Black coffee contains “chlorogenic acid”, which works wonders in the process of losing weight. The chlorogenic acid in black coffee acts as an antioxidant and reduces the formation of new fat cells, thereby reducing calorie intake in the body.

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3) Control sudden hunger

The caffeine in coffee helps boost our energy levels and helps keep our brain and nervous system active.

4) Increase metabolism

Caffeine can increase metabolic rate and increase fat burning. However, after a while, people start to live with the effects and it stops working. But even if coffee doesn't make you burn more calories in the long run, it still has the potential to reduce your appetite and help you eat less.

5) Burn fat

Green coffee beans help increase the body's fat-burning capacity by causing the body to release more fat-burning enzymes. It further cleanses the liver and removes bad cholesterol thereby increasing one's metabolism. In addition, black coffee can remove excess water from the body and help to lose weight. However, this weight loss may be temporary.

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