US man’s 165 kg weight loss garners praise of netizens, they say it’s ‘unbelievable’

Nicholas-Craft-Weight Loss

Nicholas Kraft has lost over 165kg as part of his weight loss transformation. Photo: Facebook/Nicholas Craft

main highlights

  • Nicholas Craft has lost over 165kg in four years.
  • His weight in 2019 was about 300 kg.
  • Netizens praised his transformation.
A Mississippi man has shocked the world with his inspiring weight loss journey. Nicholas Craft embarked on a transformation in 2019 following a doctor's warning. The man, who weighed around 300kg at the time, was told by his doctors that he was a “ticking time bomb”.

“The doctor told me that if I didn't do something about my weight, I was going to die in three to five years,” Craft recalled on WDAM 7, according to NDTV.

With a hunger for life, the man started dieting by controlling his calorie intake and giving up junk food. The change in eating habits in the first month allowed Craft to lose about 18kg. “When I first started, my calorie intake was 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day,” the man said.

Kraft said his grandmother was a major motivator. “I promised her I'd lose weight so I could see her more,” Kraft said. Sadly, his grandmother passed away before he could show her his complete transformation.

Four years later, he has lost over 165kg through sheer determination. Looking back, Craft says his struggles with weight began as a child. The 42-year-old said he weighed about 136kg in high school.

“The depression caused me to overeat and I couldn't function normally,” Kraft told Fox News Digital. The weight gain prevented him from doing things like traveling with his family. Also, it caused him physical pain.

With its successful transformation, Craft has managed to inspire many people. Many people reacted to his story and praised him for pushing his limits to achieve his goals. “Unbelievable,” said one of them. Another added, “Great; so hard! Almighty God is too great.” A third said: “Once again, he proved that nothing is impossible.”

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