Two Things That Guarantee Weight Loss – Even After Age 40

New Haven, Connecticut (WTNH) – Losing weight seems to become more difficult for many people as they age. At least that's what Today's guest heard from her clients. Fortunately, she has a way to help. Lisa Lynn, Metabolic Nutrition and Fitness Specialist join in CT Style host Natasha Lubczenko Discuss weight loss tips for any age.

Natasha asked, “Is it really getting harder to lose weight as you get older?” Lisa said,
“Definitely. Anyone who's been 40 and over, certainly me, can attest that no matter what you do at 20, it won't work when you get to 30, 40 or 55, which is where I am today. Just found out.” (Happy Birthday, Lisa!)

She said there was a lot of misinformation “out there” and many people didn't realize that obesity was the main reason their cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar were high. The best news is that all of these numbers drop when you focus on losing weight. While this can be difficult, it's not the time when you know exactly what to do.

Watch this interview to learn what Lisa recommends for weight loss for anyone of any age. By incorporating specific LynFit products into her clients' daily routines, Lisa has helped two couples achieve significant weight loss and improvements in metabolic markers. You'll hear their success stories and see before and after photos that prove their results.

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