Try these 4 Indian vegetarian dishes for dinner to lose weight

Indian Diet Vegetarian Dinner. Image source: Pinterest

Indian Diet Vegetarian Dinner.Image credit: Pinter

In recent years, vegetarianism has grown in popularity. Diets and preferences vary across India, however, on the subcontinent, most people continue to be plant-based.

In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, a vegetarian diet can also reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases. Plus, it aids in weight loss and boosts digestive health.

In general, a vegetarian diet does not include any animal products, especially meat. However, since animals aren't actually killed for products like eggs, honey, and dairy, most people probably wouldn't choose to avoid them.

If you're planning a healthy vegetarian dinner starting now, here are 4 easy dishes you can make at home:

Sweet Potato and Spicy Red Lentil Soup

Sweet Potato Lentil Soup Pic Credit Pinterest
Sweet Potato Lentil Soup. Image source: Pinterest

Resistant starch is widely found in sweet potatoes and contains at least 1-2 calories per gram. It accounts for only 25 percent of the calories from sugar and protein, but functions similarly to fiber foods. So you're happy with some calories.

Lentils and beans support good gut bacteria and help improve digestion while reducing insulin resistance. Lentils are best consumed in 2-3 servings per day. This recipe is great for a meal because it's balanced and healthy. Try making the same dish with peas or brown rice.

Chickpea Curry

Chickpea tikka masala Pic Credit Pinterest
Chickpea Curry. Image source: Pinterest

Eating a cup of chickpeas for breakfast can save you 200 calories at your next meal. That's because the fiber in chickpeas helps your body produce its own satiety hormones to keep you feeling full.

For cold winter nights, try this dish, especially when paired with bajra or jowar rotis, which are made from millet flour. It's also delicious and nutritious.

Soy and tofu paratha

Soy and tofu paratha Pic Credit Pinterest
Soy and tofu paratha. Image source: Pinterest

In addition to its weight loss benefits, soy has been shown to help with menopausal symptoms, PMS, menstrual irregularities, and breast cancer protection.

Without the cholesterol and growth hormones in cheese, tofu has all the protein and calcium that cheese does. Unlike cheese, tofu has no cholesterol and offers more nutrients overall.


Bajra khichdi image source Pinterest
Bajra khichdi. Image source: Pinterest

Bajra khichdi is a tasty one-pot dish of vegetables, lentils and grains that should be on your dinner menu at least once. Not only does it provide nourishment, it also induces a feeling of fullness and releases the body's natural sleep hormone tryptophan to ensure a good night's sleep. To make it more nutritious, add as many vegetables as you want, as well as some green leafy vegetables.

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