TLC Star Shows Off Shocking 600-LB Weight Loss 4 Years After Reality Show Appearance! LOOK!

kathy gold is opening up about his long a weighted health journey!

38 years old, became popular because of being on the show TLCof thousands of households, back to life after losing nearly 600 pounds! The Georgia native weighed a whopping 711 pounds when he first appeared on the show in 2019 and lived with his father, Danny, he had to adapt to his limited mobility. He infamously said to the camera during filming:

“I'll eat till I die. A normal day for me is waking up around 12 and thinking about what I'm going to eat right away, [and then] TV, video games, bed. Not much activity. “

He added that he usually plays in the nude because many of his clothes confine him:

“It's hot in Georgia and all my clothes are tight, so I'm just sitting there naked, as free as I can, with no one bothering me – the doors are shut and we're fine.”

He also shared that his love for the game stemmed from his disdain for his own reality:

“I'm accepted in all those virtual reality worlds and the game world I'm in. Nobody sees me. That's my outside. It's my world, and I can be the Casey I want to be, but Not judged on my weight.”

He added at the time:

“I never imagined that at 34 I would be living with my dad, I had no job, no real money, just playing video games and eating all day.”

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The reality star recalled that he was always a “big kid,” weighing around 300 pounds by the time he graduated high school. After that, he found several restaurant jobs, which enticed him to eat more and more until he eventually put on another 200 pounds—and had to quit his job entirely:

“I was probably around 500 pounds at the time, and working became too difficult, so I quit my job. My mom said you had to have a job to live in this house, so she kicked me out. The only thing I could do was The place I was going to belonged to my father, so I went there.”

While living with his dad, his weight continued to skyrocket because he had few restrictions:

“Me and my dad would send over the hibachi, the sushi in barrels. I mean, we can get whatever you want.”

By the end of the shoot, Casey reached his heaviest weight of 845 lbs. He recalled that he even had to bathe in an outside “sink” because he was too big for a traditional tub and shower, and was even trapped in one for about 9 hours at one point:

“I bathe in this sink now because I can't bathe in a sitz tub or stand up shower area. Since I'm a bigger person with ruffles and flaps, I have to move around, almost in a way Like a pig, and rolling and rolling to get the back of my leg. I had to literally lift the skin. It was just a super difficult process.”

Eventually, Casey met with a bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Proctor Jr. on the show, but was told he would have to lose weight on his own before he could qualify for surgery. His mother then intervened, with Kathy joking that living with her was “like weight camp” — she monitored everything he ate, limited his gaming time and encouraged him to exercise more. In his confession he explained:

“We joked that my mom was a trainer. She just had more control over what and how much I ate, and she was so strict with my diet that sometimes I thought about cheating. I'm not proud of it. Dieting is very Oops.”

While he didn't like the idea of ​​surgery, Casey knew he needed to act before his condition continued to deteriorate:

“In general, I'm terrified of surgery, but if I don't change, in five years I may be immobilized and they'll lift me out of the room with a fork.”

He went on to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, which helped him drop from 700 pounds to 631 pounds.he recalled instagram postal:

“My stomach basically went from the size of a basketball to the size of a squash ball. So I'm eating a lot less food.”

After filming for the show wrapped, Casey continued with his diet and exercise program, and even hired a personal trainer. In September 2019, he completed a 5K and dropped to 398 pounds the next month. He celebrated the IG milestone:

“We're finally getting there and I've wanted to see numbers below 400 for a long time. It's a huge achievement for me and I really can't express how happy I am (even though I'm working on it now) do it). I still have a long way to go, but we are still making progress and moving forward. I haven’t seen a number below 400 in 7 or 8 years.”

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As of November 2021, when he celebrates his 37th birthday, he weighs 255 pounds. He shared at the time:

“I'm the healthiest person I've been since high school. I'm the happiest I've been since forever, and I don't know if I've ever felt more or loved myself more.”

In addition, he found a job The Home Depothe regularly updates his followers with work achievements and accolades.

Since then, his story has inspired many, prompting him to share his tips on how to lose weight, starting with drinking enough water, via his IG Stories Highlights:

“I can't stress this enough. It should always come first. Drink it before meals, drink it after meals. Drink it throughout the day.”

He also warns against consuming high-sugar substances such as soda, sweetened tea, marinades and fried foods. He also added that physical activity can be a game-changer:

“Be as active as you can. Build activity into everything. Find something that interests you. I love hiking, and I've always loved running, so I'll do those things. Do what works for you.”

As of now, Casey is raising funds to fund me Page, whose goal is to secure funding for excess skin removal procedures. See his transformation (below):

What an inspiring story! We are so happy that Casey was able to stick with it and lose weight and become a healthier man! Share your support in the comments below!

[Images via TLC/YouTube/Casey King/Instagram]

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