Tiffany’s Mermaid Look After Weight Loss Stuns Fans

90 Day Fiancé star Tiffany Franco showed off her revenge body on Instagram after she split with boyfriend Dane Kefaran and lost 80 pounds.

90 day fiancé Star Tiffany Franco's unexpectedly slender figure after losing weight, and a mermaid skirt made fans love it.The 30-year-old Maryland resident has been on the reality TV show ever since 90 Day Fiancé: Another Way Season 1, 2019, when she married South African man Ronald Smith. Since having their children, Tiffany and Ronald's married life has had a series of ups and downs. He didn't even support Tiffany when she decided to undergo weight-loss surgery like co-star Angela Deem.

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Ronald disagrees 90 day fiance's Tiffany Franco's surgery, especially when she said it was for her health, didn't really change her decision.this 90 Days: Single Life Celebrity Tiffany has been flaunting her fit figure on Instagram, such as in a post she posted after attending a friend's wedding on Sunday night. Tiffany smiled shyly in a candid photo, letting her long hair frame her now angular face. However, it was the Tiffany dress that really made jaw drop. A full-sleeve bodysuit with a deep V neckline accentuated Tiffany's curves, wrapping her body to the hips and flared at the thighs for a fishtail-like silhouette. “my mermaid’ was a comment made by franchise partner Julia Trubkina on Tiffany’s Instagram post.”I love it, I haven't seen a dress like this before it's almost a mermaid vibe,’ one fan wrote, to which Tiffany replied, “hahahah ok, i'm a mermaid.

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90 Day Fiancé Fan Asks Tiffany If She's Pregnant

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiancé

Are you pregnant? “ A disrespectful fan asked Tiffany in the comments section. However, Tiffany dismissed the fans' doubts, saying it was “really casual’ Some others slammed the review poster as “rudeOne fan explained that it could be that the color arrangement of the dress created an illusion around Tiffany's belly, making it look like she was pregnant. Meanwhile, another Tiffany fashion critic added, “that dress is so tight it shows a lot” Nevertheless, most 90 day fiancé Star Tiffany's Instagram followers not only praised her mermaid dress, but also her newfound confidence. at the same time, “Do you need to remove your skin because you lost over 80ILBS.. or do you need to lose a certain amount of weight for it? “ is one of Tiffany's problems. “I no excess skin’ Tiffany admitted.

Tiffany wanted to tighten the skin after losing weight, although the weight loss did not cause the skin to become saggy. Tiffany considers herself really lucky in that department. However, she does want to firm up areas like her arms, chest, stomach, and thighs. Back in February 2020, Tiffany hinted at big things to come by sharing a photo of herself standing next to her bariatric surgeon.according to 90 day fiancé Celebrity Tiffany, whose hips, arms and thighs have always been “huge’ And she found it hard to get rid of her belly fat, seven months after she gave birth. Ultimately, Tiffany underwent gastric bypass surgery in June 2021.

Recently, Tiffany admitted that she wanted to have a humerioplasty, also known as an arm lift. She is looking forward to a 360-degree tummy tuck with a thigh lift and liposuction. It's 2023 and Tiffany doesn't look like she's had plastic surgery yet, but knowing her, 90 day fiancé The star will keep her supporters updated on the latest news. After all, Tiffany didn't hide from her Instagram followers that she and her new boyfriend, Dane Kefaran, had broken up.

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