Tiffany Franco stuns at Hawaiian wedding after enviable weight loss

90 Day Fiancé Star Tiffany Franco Close Up
Tiffany Franco (Tiffany Franco) held a weekend wedding in Hawaii. Image credit: @tiffanyfranco_/Instagram

Tiffany Franco had weight loss surgery some time ago, and since then, she's lost a lot of weight and looks more confident.

90 days: The Single Life star is experimenting with more fashion options and is officially ditching the humble dresses and off-the-shoulder tops we're used to seeing.

Tiffany showed off a very different style over the weekend in Hawaii, where she attended a friend's wedding.

She opted for a sheath dress with long sleeves, a deep V-neck, and a circular metal front.

Tiffany posted a video on social media of the outdoor venue with the bride and her friends, who raved about her impressive weight loss.

“Ha ha wedding?? Hawaiian scrawny legend?” she captioned the post.

Meanwhile, we get a closer look at Tiffany's outfit in the video, as she steps back from the camera to reveal the full details.

The ankle-length dress, which also featured cutouts below the bust, was adorned by TLC's personality with a plethora of gold jewellery.

She sported super-long hair in soft waves that fell to her waist, with bangs framing her face in front.

90 Day Fiancé star Tiffany Franco is single again

Tiffany likely went to the Hawaiian wedding without a date, since she's now single again. Her hot and heavy romance with Dan McFarland initially seemed promising, but it's now running out of steam.

Nothing dramatic happened to end the relationship, other than Tiffany revealing that they were incompatible. She cited that as the reason for their breakup; by all accounts, it was an amicable one.

Interestingly, the mom of two deleted all traces of Dan from her Instagram account, including photos and videos of them together. She also unfollowed the comedian on Instagram, but he still followed her.

Dan also didn't delete his Instagram photos with Tiffany, as several were from a November 2022 happy hour.

Tiffany has been trying to get over the breakup by making videos that make fun of her relationship, though she made it clear she wasn't upset after the breakup.

In the meantime, we're waiting to see if Tiffany will be back again after being single again on 90 Days: The Single Life.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 Airs Sunday at TLC and Discovery+ at 8/7c.

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