This is the ultimate ‘superfood’ for digestion and weight loss

Munakka is a dehydrated grape with various health benefits. So it's no surprise that many people consume this iron-rich dried fruit on a regular basis, and it's sometimes recommended as part of the diet of people recovering from certain illnesses. Additionally, soaked munakka also relieves acidity and soothes the digestive system.Now, in an Instagram post, nutritionist Mac Singh shares this Munaka Too”super food for digestion and weight loss,” as he lists plenty of reasons to praise this dried fruit. Check them out below.

Health benefits of munakka

1. Helps you lose weight. Lots of Dietary Soluble Fiber Presence in munakka prevents you from overeating as they satisfy hunger by slowing down digestion. Munakka also contains a fat-burning hormone called leptin.

2. Control high blood pressure. Munakka contains a compound called resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that also suppresses cellular inflammation. Resveratrol helps clear away plaque buildup in arteries and widen them, thereby reducing levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol.

3. Control acidity/gastritis. Drinking munakka water soaked overnight can relieve acidity and heartburn. According to Ayurveda, this is due to its pitta-balancing properties. It also has a cooling effect on the stomach.

4. Keep your teeth healthy. Munakka's preservatives and anti-inflammatory properties Helps control swollen gums and heals ulcers. Also, chewing 5-7 munakkas can help fight bad breath as it kills or regulates the growth of dental bacteria.

5. Prevent anemia. Rich in folic acid, iron and B vitamins, munakka helps in the treatment of anemia, especially iron deficiency anemia in women by improving the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

6. Improve male fertility. Munakka falls under the category of aphrodisiacs. These foods boost male fertility by boosting sperm count.Warm munakka milk at night also helps in healing Erectile dysfunction.

7. Promotes bone health. if you have arthritis Or osteoarthritis, having munakka will be a boon for you as it is a storehouse of minerals like calcium, magnesium, folate and potassium. This helps improve bone density.

Besides this health benefit, BHMS nutritionist and nutritionist Dr Smriti Jhunjhunwala says munakka is also good for your hair and skin health and also has anti-cancer properties.

“Eating munakka regularly is Good for your hair and skin.It is high in antioxidants (compounds that prevent cell damage) and is rich in vitamin C, a key ingredient in glowing skin and lustrous hair,” she told indianexpress.com, adding that munakkas contain priceless antioxidants” Catechin” and flavonoid “kaempferol” Reduce the growth of cancerous colon tumors“.

Things to keep in mind when consuming munakka

Despite its many benefits, Mac warns the following people to take precautions before consuming munakka. they are:

1. Do not consume munakka if you are taking blood thinning medication as they can have negative interactions.

2. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before taking munakka.

3. Having too much at once can lead to diarrhea。 They can also be harmful if you have indigestion.

Dr. Jhunjhunwala also shares some things to keep in mind when adding munakka to your diet. they are:

1. Diabetics should avoid munakkas as they are rich in natural simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and are a high GI (glycemic index) food that can cause a quick spike in sugar.

2. Munakkas are rich in minerals like Potassium and Phosphorus which can interfere with the cardiovascular system if taken in large amounts, so people who have any heart-related problems or are taking any medications with anti-platelet properties should avoid excessive consumption.

3. People with fragile and sensitive digestive tracts should also be cautious about eating munakkas as it is high in fiber which may cause stomach upset.

How to add munakkas to your diet

Dr. Jhunjhunwala shares:

*A healthy person can eat 5-6 munakkas every morning after soaking in water (soaking is easier to digest)

* Boil 5-6 munakka with milk and drink it every night to help relieve constipation and strengthen bones.

*If you eat them raw, then remember to chew the seeds well and don't throw them away.

*You can consume 2-3 munakkas and other dried fruits first thing in the morning.

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