This Guy Ran a Mile Every Hour for 24 Hours With No Training

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YouTuber and bodybuilder Stan Brownie regularly takes on fitness challenges that push him to the limits of his body, including trying to lift a total of 100,000 pounds in an hour and trying to work out for 24 hours straight. In his most recent video, Brownie decided to try running the “hardest marathon in the world”: in other words, a mile per hour for 24 hours.

“I have zero running experience and don't know if I'm going to die in the next 24 hours,” he said.

Brownie joined the challenge with his friend and fitness influencer Arjen Albers, who pointed out that they didn't have the best running technique for this type of endurance event.

They completed their first mile at 6:43, then experimented with slower and slower speeds throughout the day to find the right “flow” to keep up with on a night run — but they quickly realized the hit A 5-minute mile is wrong because it increases their fatigue and recovery needs.

The physical loss of the hourly runs became apparent the next day, with Brownies enduring sore and bleeding feet while Albers struggled with the limited sleep they got between miles.

“I was just tearing my body apart,” Brownie said. “It's not good for my body.”

After running 24 miles in 24 hours, Brownie insisted they keep going: If they could run 2.2 more miles, that would take them to 26.2 miles: the official length of the marathon.

“The only thing I can say about this challenge is: don't try this at home,” said the exhausted Brownie at the finish line. “We don't encourage that. We're dead.”

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