This dentist lost 21 kgs in 3 months by going for ‘music walks’

Today's weight loss inspiration comes from Canadian dentist by trade Avjit Singh. He is currently studying for a master's degree in the UK. Avjit has always been healthy, but moving to Canada and adopting a new lifestyle caused him to gain a lot of weight.
He knew he needed to take action, but considering he was living alone in a foreign country, juggling education and a part-time job, he was simply giving up his health. The strong-willed 26-year-old managed to drop from 106kg to 85kg through a lot of hard work and persistence. In 3 months, he lost almost 21 kg. Let us know how he does it.

turning point

Avjit describes himself as a typical Punjabi who likes to eat. He was always on the healthier side. He gained a lot of weight while studying in Canada. First, he tried to lose weight on his own through online research. He was alone in a foreign country, studying and working at the same time, unable to focus on his health. He ends up choosing the most convenient options, such as fast food and packaged foods.
“We think losing weight is a tedious task and it’s the main reason most people can’t manage a good job while living a healthy lifestyle. When Avijit started having health issues and his weight got in the way of his daily activities, he I started worrying,” says Rihana Qureshi, Avijit's fitness trainer, certified nutritionist and strength-training coach.

diet to follow
Avjit has a very busy lifestyle. He went to college during the day and worked part-time after college. This leaves him little time to cook or take care of his nutrition. He puts his busy lifestyle at the forefront of his nutrition plan. Every meal of his must be highly satiety, so that he will not be hungry repeatedly and eat a few less meals.
Breakfast often includes some form of eggs cooked in plenty of olive oil (a healthy fat). Lunch will include a homemade wrap that is wholesome and easy to prepare and carry. This is very important. We have to make sure his meals are easy to prepare. His fitness trainer suggests quick and super easy recipes to motivate him to prep most days. Dinner will be a wholesome meal with chicken or meat (since the client is a non-vegetarian lover) and some stir-fried vegetables.

exercise regime

Avjit's busy lifestyle leaves little time for exercise. Avijit is an avid music lover. So he was encouraged to go for a walk and listen to his favorite music. And it works really well. He began to like his “musical walks”. Seeing the results motivated him so he started exercising, too.

fitness tips
The secret to this transformation is simplicity.
We've taken a very basic approach here – the simpler you can design for your clients, the more consistent they will be and the better the results will be.

Beyond that, tracking his progress on a daily basis makes him feel like someone is there to watch him and motivates him not to give up.

The hardest part of being overweight
Other metabolic problems that come with being overweight affect our health more than weight itself. Add to that the confidence and psychological issues a person faces.

What changes have you made to your lifestyle
First and foremost is reducing his reliance on fast food and encouraging him to cook for himself. This is done by sharing some easy-to-prepare recipes with him. Also, late at night was his only free time. We motivate him to go for a walk (after dinner) and listen to his favorite music. This helps with the digestion of dinner and improves his sleep patterns as he will be tired when he goes to bed.

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