The Family Chantel’s Winter reveals how she maintains her weight loss

Winter Everett from 90 Day Fiancé spin-off The Family Chantel took to her Instagram to show off her new “high-intensity” workout routine to maintain her weight loss.

The Family Chantel star has been using her platform to share positive messages and inspire her followers as a fitness influencer.

We take a look at Winter's new “fun” workout, because if anyone wants to make exercising fun, it's her!

Family Chantel star Winter shares her new workout for keeping her weight off

Winter Everett revealed on her Instagram how she keeps her weight off with 275,000 followers.

In one reel, the TLC star showed off her “intense” cardio routine, walking for a minute and running for another. At the end of the video, she reveals that she has been on the treadmill for more than 29 minutes.

Winter told her followers she was intimidated before trying to work out, but then said it was “surprisingly easy” and that she was “less bored”.

In a previous post, she said she likes to “visualize herself walking the track” on the treadmill. No wonder she isn't bored!

The weight loss barbie who introduced Winter to the workout commented, “YES!!!! I'm so glad you tried it.”

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Fans say winter gives them motivation

Winter encouraged her followers to like the video and comment with the water drop emoji if they tried the workout.

Fans rushed to comment on how much she inspired them. One said: “Proud of you for sticking with it. That's what keeps me going.”

Another wrote: “Most people have surgery and that's all they depend on. She had surgery and then worked hard at the gym to lose weight and get stronger. I'm so impressed with her.”

“Omg looking at you winter. You are a beast girl. Love following your journey. What a ray of hope you put in the work.. applaud you” another commented.

Weight loss surgery in winter

In The Family Chantel, we see Winter travel to Mexico for weight loss surgery.

Sister Chantel revealed that surgeons removed 75 percent of her siblings' stomachs. Her family was skeptical of the idea at first, but of course, they never left her side.

Since Winter, she's maintained her fitness routine and spread the word of positivity through social media.

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