Tammy Slaton Released From Rehab After 300 Pound Weight Loss

Tammy Slayton

Tammy Slaton out of hospital after losing 300 pounds

Tammy Slayton After more than 14 months at an obesity rehab center in Ohio, he returned home to Kentucky.

Tammy After nine months of abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes and vaping, he left the factory with a weight loss of nearly 300 pounds. Back home, the 36-year-old star has now started walking longer distances, driving without adjusting the seat and standing for short periods of time.

Tammy Slayton

By the end of 2021, Tammy Checked into rehab after exhibiting “reckless” behaviour.inside 1000 lb sister season four trailer, Tammy's family, including her sister and co-stars Amy Slaytonrevealed that before entering the treatment center, Tammy's The body is “shutting down”.

Tammy Slayton

Tammy She currently weighs about 400 pounds — down from 700 pounds when she entered rehab. In a series of selfies she recently posted on social media, she showed off her slimmer appearance.

Tammy Slayton

by the end of summer, Tammy Had bariatric surgery and is still recovering. After surgery, she returned to a treatment facility in Ohio, where medical staff monitored her health and made sure she was on a diet.period Tammy's Nurses also monitored her trachea during treatment as she underwent surgery to reduce the size of her tracheostomy opening.

Tammy Slayton

While undergoing rehabilitation treatment, Tammy find love and marry a husband Caleb Willingham November. Caleb Also a recovering patient.

Tammy Slayton

about 30 guests Tammy and Caleb's wedding, including amytook place in a rehabilitation center.

“You all know I'm Tammy Slayton, but now you all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” she told PEOPLE after officially teaming up with Caleb. “I'm married now! ”

Tammy Slayton

Caleb was scheduled to leave the facility before Tammy But still needs to lose some weight before reaching his goal. But he plans to move to a factory near Henderson, Kentucky, to be close to his wife again.

Tammy Slayton

According to reports, although Tammy Slayton While living in rehab, burglars broke into her home and stole everything – even the kitchen sink.

In the February 7th episode 1000 lb sisterTammy's sisters — misty and Amanda Discover Tammy's The house was raided by burglars and all her possessions were taken.

Tammy Slayton

after entering Tammy's home “Go and get something she wants,” the sisters noticed at once that something was terribly wrong.

“Girl, all her stuff is gone!” Amanda exclaimed. “Oh, that's some bull-t. Hang on, I gotta get the damn video on asap.”

After investigating the damage, Amanda and misty Realize the extent of the theft.

Tammy Slayton

“The refrigerator is over here,” Amanda Talking and taking video with mobile phone. “The table is here. The kitchen sink is gone. The bathroom sink. The water heater is gone. Her dresser here is gone along with the rest of the clothes in it.”

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