Tammy Is Terrified As She Prepares For Weight Loss Surgery In New Episode!

Since the beginning of the show 1000 Lb Sisters, Tammy and Amy have been working hard for themselves. Tammy is the stubborn and arrogant older sister just now. Amy, on the other hand, was lucky enough to welcome a new baby boy. While the Slaton sisters have come a long way, they still have a lot of work to do to achieve proper health. However, recent episodes have been focusing on Tammy's progress. The older sister caused a lot of problems for herself and her family.

Once her body was about to stop functioning, those close to her thought it might be difficult for her to survive. However, Tammy managed to get out of the situation and decided to take matters into her own hands. She then decided to enroll in an eating rehab center so she wouldn't be distracted. But the star started to feel scared when he was about to undergo weight-loss surgery. Tune in for the latest updates on the reality show.

1,000-pound sisters: Tammy Slaton overwhelmed as she prepares for bariatric surgery

The 1,000 Pound Sisters reality show premiered on January 1, 2020. The show focuses on the lives of the Slaton sisters who are struggling to lose weight. Tammy was around 600 pounds in the show's first episode, and then her weight fluctuated over time. However, she gained a lot of weight during the lockdown and her doctor was very angry with her health negligence. At her heaviest, Tammy weighed 717 pounds!

Now, however, the 1000 Lb Sisters star is making progress, but it's all happening because she's so supportive of her family. Tammy admits her family has handled her situation well. In Tuesday's episode, she had a breakdown because she was terrified of undergoing life-changing weight-loss surgery. Doctors told Tammy to drop her weight to 550 pounds to qualify for surgery. But when she started improving, she surpassed her goal and hit 534 lbs! When Tammy left the facility, her entire family held up huge signs. One specifically called her “Queen”.

1000 lb sisters
TLC: Tammy Slayton

When Tammy was about to have surgery, her family worried about the outcome. Amy even said that if something happened to her, she couldn't imagine life without her sister. But avid 1000 Lb Sisters fans must know that the sister has undergone surgery and the operation went well. Fourteen months later, Tammy was finally out of the hospital and back home in Kentucky.

1,000-pound sisters: Tammy finds hope in her nephew during recovery and after surgery!

Tammy's weight has been erratic. On 1000 Lb Sisters, fans noticed her weight fluctuate over the past three seasons. Tammy peaked at around 717 pounds, which is also when she went into rehab. However, this is not her first visit to rehab. She escaped from there several times. But this time, Tammy stayed there and worked out really hard.

In last Tuesday's episode, Tammy came out of rehab to undergo surgery. Before that, Tammy met her newborn nephew Glenn for the first time. She held the baby and told everyone that he kept her sane and was the source of motivation for her to keep going. Tammy loves her two nephews, Gage and Glenn. The star even mentioned that she hopes to take care of Glenn and Gage when she returns home. She is very happy to see her family and the little people in the house.

1000 lb sister
TLC: Tammy Slayton

Her love life also progressed as she found the right one for her. Also on the show is her romance with boyfriend Caleb Willingham. Fans are very excited about the upcoming episodes as they get to see more updates about their favorite stars' personal lives. Stay tuned for more exciting news updates on the 1,000-pound sisters for the season and spoilers.

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