Sudden weight loss may indicate diabetes mellitus – AHF

February 26, 2023, 10:58 – BLiTZ – News Endocrinologist Oksana Mikhaleva told Gazeta.Ru that with certain endocrine diseases a person loses a sharp weight.

According to her, in the first type of diabetes, children and adults experience a sharp weight loss. This, she explained, is due to the development of dehydration, and the loss of water and glucose in the urine. “A person starts drinking a lot of fluids, but this doesn't make up for the losses, and the weight drops dramatically,” the expert added.

Notably, in diabetes, weight loss is characterized by thirst, weakness, and dry mouth.

The endocrinologist clarified that a sharp weight loss could also be thyrotoxicosis: “In this disease, the production of thyroid hormones increases dramatically, causing energy expenditure to multiply,” explains Mikhaleva.

Along with thyrotoxicosis, tremors of the body and hands, feeling of heat, increased heart rate, eye pain and sleep disturbances can be observed, the expert continued.

Doctors warn that people with adrenal insufficiency experience a sharp weight loss: “The development of diffuse skin pigmentation is also a feature, the skin becomes bronzed. Muscle weakness and blood pressure drop sharply,” concludes Oksana Mikhaleva.

Earlier, Dr. Agapkin debunked a common misconception about diabetes. Read more in the BLiTZ article.

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