Silambarasan TR opens up on his struggle with weight loss and why he was reluctant to sign the film

Also read: Pathu Thala: Silambarasan TR says he accepted the film because of Gautham Karthik, which is why actor Silambarasan started struggling with weight loss during the audio release of his upcoming film Pathu Thala. The actor said he was initially hesitant to gain weight for his role as the gangster AGR, but finally agreed after much deliberation as he struggles with weight loss. Speaking about the same, Silambarasan TR said, “You all know I had to do a major body transformation for Maanaadu. After that I got an offer to do Pathu Thala. I was hesitant to accept the project because I had to add weight. I could have told the filmmaker KE Gnananvel Raja that I would return the money and I would not be able to complete the project.“

When he was finally cast, the film's director, Obeli Krishna, asked him to gain weight for the role. “The first question I asked him was, ‘Do you have a conscience?' because only I know how much I struggled to lose weight. If I put on weight, everyone would say Simb put on weight and went around like before. Wandering, won't be filming anymore. After all, there are a lot of people ready to make trouble for me. I told Krishna that I already only eat twice a day. That's when we came up with the idea. We decided to try to do a photoshoot first. If Krishna Don't believe the way I look, I'm going to gain weight.”

Also Read: Pathu Thala Trailer Reaches 5 Million Views; Fans Call Silambarasan's Film Powerful and Stunning Sitting in a chair photo. The reason we didn't share what I look like is from the front corner is because I look like a school kid and then decided to gain weight and I told myself “if you can cross 108kg and lose it, you'll be Can do it again. “Your fans are waiting for you.” I finally told Krishna that I would gain weight. The character I play is a very mature character, much older than my actual age. I think I did my best, hope you enjoy it, it's to your liking. “

He also thanked the film's director, Krishna, for completing the film, which Narthan, the Mufti's original Kannada director, had begun. He also praised filmmaker KE Gnanavel Raja and wished him luck in the upcoming Suriya42 and Thangaalan.

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