Shania Twain’s Friends Concerned Over Singer’s Drastic Weight Loss: Sources

singer Shania Twain Friends who have lost so much weight are starting to worry, Radar Online Learned.

The 57-year-old country pop diva's slender frame attracted shocking attention while she was on the party circuit for the recent Grammys, sources said.

“Shania has been focused on her body image, so there is a real concern that she will develop bad habits by trying to achieve unrealistic goals,” said a source close to the agency. man i feel like a woman singer.

A prominent New York City doctor who has yet to treat the songbird estimates Shania is 5-foot-4 and has lost 30 pounds since 2020, hovering around 100 pounds.

“She needs to regain some healthy weight or risk a host of health risks,” the doctor said. Shania boasts that she eats 80 percent raw food and “cheat” snacks like cheese, french fries, chips and the occasional alcoholic drink.

However, a close family friend revealed that Shania has now given up booze and her happy food as she prepares for her 70-day Queen of Me tour, which begins in April.

“She's on the road competing with the Taylor Swifts and Beyonces of the world and a new crop of young country cuties,” the pal shared.

“She wanted to look her best, but she took it too far. Even her own doctor told her that such drastic weight loss would lead to all kinds of health problems,” said a source close to the situation.

Vegetarian Shania's diet – rich in leafy greens, nuts, lentils and chickpeas – may be lacking in important nutrients, a medical expert has warned. “The way Shania is now,” he said, “she's not a good advertisement for a vegan lifestyle,”

As previously reported by RadarOnline.com, Shania stunned fans when she debuted on the red carpet for a Republic Records event earlier this month.

She told James Corden, “I'm celebrating happiness and joy and taking control of your own emotions and spirit.”

Fans were mixed about the look, with one commenting: “That's Shania Twain?? Blondes aren't for everyone” while another commented: “Love Shania but don't like blondes .”

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