‘Sex/Life’s Sarah Shahi’s Weight Loss Routine Is No Joke

Sarah Shahi

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actress and Sex life Celebrity Sarah Shahi certainly has a flair for her craft.Since starting acting in 2000, the Texan native has won accolades for her performances in films such as black adam Now one of Netflix's leading ladies.

Throughout her career, Sarah has also wowed her fans, leading to her being named motto“Television's Hottest Women of 2012.”

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The actress recently opened up about how she maintains her physique Sex life She's been candid before in season 2 about the workout routine she does for other jobs. Here's what she had to say.

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Some fans say Sarah Shahi's workout regimen has inspired them on their own weight-loss journeys.

Following Sarah's 2012 “Hottest Women on TV” win, quite legal Alumnus and former NFL cheerleader tells shape The magazine that year said she often followed a “specialized diet and fitness regime.”

In a workout routine designed by Sarah shapeThe actress shares the secret to her “sexy body” (shape2012 words, not ours) and the world.

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During her intermediate workouts, she prioritizes working “calf, hamstrings, thighs, quads, glutes, glutes, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, lats, forearms, biceps.” She then recommends multiple “jump ropes, squats, triceps extensions, lunges, sit-ups, and dumbbell curls.”

“Start this workout with 3 to 5 minutes of jumping rope, then do 20 repetitions of each workout,” suggests Sarah. “Complete three sets. The key to this routine is to try not to rest between each movement. Remember to keep your heart rate up so you'll burn more calories!”

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“Sarah Shahi definitely gave me motivation to lose weight and work out #maybeoneday,” wrote a fan named Shama tweets 2015.

“Sometimes I just think how Sarah Shahi can bench press past my entire body weight like girl wtf. Bench press me,” another fan named Katie wrote 2017.

Sarah Shahi

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Sarah Shahi goes the extra mile for “More Sex” on Season 2 of “Sex/Life.”

exist Sex life, Sarah stars as Billie Connelly, a professor torn between a quiet life with her husband (Mike Vogel) and an adventurous, sexy life with her real-life boyfriend, Adam Deimos. In a dilemma. As its title mentions, the show involves a lot of sex, mostly between Sarah's character and her lover.

Before Sex life Season 2 premieres on March 2, 2023, with Sarah and era on what happens next with her character this season. She promised the press that the new season won't be short of any of the raunchy, intimate scenes the show has become known for since its 2021 premiere.

“A lot, I think we might have more sex scenes in season two,” Sarah confirmed.

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Although long word Alum was already following an exercise regimen before Sex life In season 2, she works even harder to prepare for hot scenes.Sarah told era She did “weight resistance training” with her trainer while she decided to eat only chicken, fish and vegetables.

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Sarah said she did some self-reflection on set because of her nervousness. She also controls how she looks in the scene. “It's scary, you're vulnerable,” Sarah admitted. “I just prayed a lot and asked for some really good lighting.”

Luckily, Sarah's real hero, Adam, was by her side on set and filmed many of the sex scenes with her. The actress said she felt reassured to have someone who understood her feelings about being naked in front of the camera.

“It's helpful to have someone you can empathize with or someone you can vent your heart to,” Sarah said of Adam in an October 2022 interview. new beauty Magazine.

“I'd rather work with him than not work with him — our schedules are so tight or we'll never see each other again,” she explained elsewhere in the interview. “At least being able to be in his space when we're on set…it's better than not having it — what we're doing, it's so foreign to the outside world, and I get that.”

Sex Season 2 Available exclusively on Netflix.

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