Selena Gomez Addresses Weight Gain Caused By Medication: ‘I’m Not A Model’

Selena Gomez attends the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.

Selena Gomez is calling out the body shapers who've been attacking her looks. The 30-year-old revealed that the reason for her weight fluctuations was her lupus medication.

“I tend to carry a lot of water weight, which is normal. Then when I stop using it, I tend to lose weight,” 30-year-old Gomez explained in a TikTok Live video via Twitter Thursday (16 February). “I just want to say and encourage people who are ashamed of what they're going through, but no one knows the real story. So, I just want people to know you're beautiful, you're amazing. And, yeah, maybe we Some days it feels like s-. But, I'd rather be healthy and take care of myself.”

this only murders in the building The star noted that her “medication is important” and “helps me”. She added, “[I’m] Not a model, never will be. Mind you, I think they're great, but I definitely, definitely aren't. “

Gomez ended the video by thanking her fans for “understanding” and “supporting” her. She also asked haters to stay negativity. “If it's not, then walk away, because I honestly don't believe in shaming people for their bodies or anything,” she said.

a fan wrote“It's so sad that Selena Gomez has to make excuses for her weight gain, and it's a testament to just how evil the entire internet is for women.” Other explain“She's beautiful inside and out. It breaks my heart when people make comments about her weight.” A fan who also has lupus explain“#Lupus is often diagnosed in young women, and the changes drugs make to our bodies can have long-lasting effects on mind and body. We are more than our bodies, but we still don't deserve mean comments and unsolicited advice .”

Someone else wrote“The fact that she had to go online to justify her weight fluctuations is disturbing. She is so beautiful and yet gets so much needless criticism. As a society, we need to do better. When it comes to Stop putting too much pressure on people to gain or lose weight.” One pointed out“She doesn't owe anyone an explanation. She says it won't change their bad mindset.”

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this waverley wizards Alum was first diagnosed with lupus in 2014. The Mayo Clinic defines the condition as “a disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks its own tissues and organs.” Three years later, the Texas native underwent a kidney transplant and her long-term Friend Francia Raisa is her donor.

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