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Sam Milby on living balanced and healthy lifestyle – Manila Bulletin

Beautederm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche Tan and Sam Milby

Actor and singer Sam Milby admits he feels older than his age despite being praised for looking young.

“Una ako kasi ang panganay sa family and then the last tv show I did was ‘Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin' we did during the pandemic, so we had to get actors over 18. So in the story, I have A 20-year-old. Think it's actually pwede naman ako maging tatay n'ya,” Sam said at a recent launch for Beautederm.

Sam, 38, started his acting career in 2005. Despite his success in the industry, the Filipino-American actor said that a career in show business is not a steady job.

“I think that's something I've been thinking about even long ago when I shouldn't be worried, that's the price you have to pay in show business, you don't know when your next project is going to be unstable and the competition is getting more and more Intense dumadami na yung cast, which really increases the fear of the na baka naman wala na akong project in the coming years,” he said.

Sam Milby

Today, Sam is as busy as ever, and he is currently one of the main characters of Kapamilya Channel's prime-time romantic drama series A Family Affair. Given his busy schedule, as his health lover, Sam openly admits that living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is crucial, especially during a pandemic.

“I am honored and grateful now that I am finally a part of this amazing family of Beautéderm,” said Sam. “Over the years, I have learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as the challenging lifestyle I have as an actor can affect my physical and mental health. I need it through regular exercise and the right diet and the right amount of I sleep to ensure I'm always in top physical shape. Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets are my perfect companion to further ensure that my body is always healthy and energized.”

On the other hand, Beautéderm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan welcomed Sam as she revealed that he was undoubtedly the best choice to represent Beautéderm Health Boosters' latest product. “Beautéderm’s lineup of A-list brand ambassadors would never be complete without Sam. I’ve always admired his work and I’m delighted to find him so fun and easy to work with,” Rhea gushed. “Sam's lifestyle should be emulated because of his discipline and professionalism. He lives a balanced and healthy life, which makes him the perfect artist to represent Beautéderm Health Boosters effervescent tablets.”

The statement that health is wealth isn't just a cliché in Sam's life and career. During these trying times, physical health is the most important currency in dealing with life's challenges, and we should all emulate Sam's choice to strengthen his body with regular natural boosts and make Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets a part of our daily essentials.

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