Rishi Singh’s Impressive Weight Loss Journey In Photos

Although 90 Day Fiancé star Rishi Singh makes a living as a personal trainer, the Indian model has also struggled with weight gain in the past.

90 day fiancé Star Rishi Singh's incredible weight loss journey has played a major role in his successful career as a model and personal trainer.The 32-year-old Indian man starred in 90 Day Fiancé: Another Way Season 4 with his American partner Jen Boecher. Jen met Rishi in a hotel in India, and Rishi had come to India to model. When Jen saw Rishi's abs in one of his modeling photos, it wasn't love at first sight, she professed “indian jesus“Did get engaged to her in a month's time.

90 day fiance's When they first met, Rishi Singh struck Jen as arrogant. They start hanging out as friends and she quickly realizes that Rishi is the perfect choice for her. After all, Rishi proved his good looks and brains in his intro by revealing his past. In addition to showing off his long curly hair (which, according to him, is the only one he has elsewhere in his city), Rishi shared details about his educational background. Rishi holds a law degree and has worked in the corporate sector. However, the job left him feeling caged, and he turned his passion for fitness into a career instead. People in the gym push Rishi to be a model because they think Rishi has a good face and a good figure.

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90 Day Fiancé Star Rishi's Before and After Weight Loss Photos

And Rishi's toned abs 90 day fiancé The introduction turned many viewers into lifelong fans of the Jaipur lads, and the transition was no easy feat. In November 2019, Rishi posted before and after photos of his shirtless torso to showcase the fruits of his hard work and the ripped body he's achieved in less than two months. “My weight shift just ended this past weekend,added Rishi. In a comment, 90 day fiancé Friends of actor Rishi expressed their appreciation for his hard work, such as, “here you go” and”beast.

90 Day Fiancé Star Rishi Reveals Shocking Weight Loss in Two Months

In September 2021, Rishi decided to show fans more photos of his transformation, this time in side view. “This is my status on the first day,’” Rishi wrote on a throwback photo of him before he began his 12-week shift. Toned abs and parched arms pose confidently for the camera in his gym.”Getting up and breaking the record in the shortest time is no easy feat, but it's not impossible either. You can't get anything or achieve your goals without sacrificing,’” Rishi wrote in the caption.

Rishi now makes a living as a certified fitness trainer in the city of Jaipur. He is also a nutritionist, which means he also counsels clients on balanced meals to help them achieve their fitness goals. When it comes to his talents, Rishi's modeling photos on his Instagram page speak for themselves.He seemed popular on the runway, and even in a fashion editorial photo shoot, Rishi showed off his enviable hair and physique 90 day fiancé Seong-in ends up falling in love.

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