Rebel Wilson’s Pitch Perfect contract banned weight loss

Rebel Wilson's Pitch Perfect Contract Bans Her From Losing Weight

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Hollywood has a track record of healthy body image — no matter the industry Project outward Or how it polices the star's body internally — less brilliantly, to say the least.It's not just about how show business puts undue pressure on performers be thin, but also in the way it forces fat actors to play certain stereotypical roles. Rebel Wilson talks about this at length in her course highly publicized Weight Loss Journey And Continues To Reveal Intrusive Ways Her professional life violated her relationship with her body.

appeared in the latest issue of call her daddy podcast, Wilson says she “did wait until pitch perfect It seems like it’s all over” to kick off what she calls her “healthy years.” That’s because “I couldn’t lose a ton of weight because I was under contract for that movie,” she reveals. “You can’t lose weight, I don't think more than 10 lbs, or more than 10 lbs. You have to keep your weight, like it's in your contract. “

Wilson's character in the film is called “Fat Amy,” which does tie the character to a certain weight. (value for money, Wilson said she “loved” playing the role and “had a lot of fun” filming the trilogy. ) However, it still seems inappropriate for a studio to make any rules about an actor's body, especially when a character's weight is easy to write about. They could just call her “Amy,” or her real name, for For the record, her real name is “Patricia

But the studio – or whoever painted her pitch perfect Contracts – aren't the only part of the Hollywood machine that has qualms about actors changing sizes.Wilson previously shared that she “had a lot of pushback from my own team” when she decided to “change physically and change my life,” as she explained to the BBC. “They were like, ‘Why? Why would you do that? Because I made millions of dollars when that funny fat girl and being that guy.”

“I stereotypically played that funny fat friend, which was so hard because I loved the characters. I loved playing the characters. I loved the characters,” she recalls now call her daddy“But then I did want to do more, but I feel like being a bigger girl, you're just easier to categorize.”

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