Rebel Wilson reveals her Pitch Perfect contract prohibited her from losing weight

Rebel Wilson's weight loss couldn't have happened while she was making it pitch perfect Movie. According to the actress, her contract ensures this.

exist call her daddy During the podcast episode, Wilson revealed that she was contracted not to lose or gain weight while working on the comedy trilogy.

“I couldn't lose a lot of weight because I was under contract for that film and you couldn't lose … I don't think it would be more than 10 pounds, or gain more than 10 pounds,” she said. “You have to keep your weight. It's your contract.”

Wilson played a character known as “Fat Amy” in the a cappella comedy that ran from 2012 to 2017. call her daddythe actress recalled that she felt “stalked” when she played her “funny fat friend” in the film, wanting to “do more” and “get fitter,” despite not having until “pitch perfect It's as if everything is over. ”

But after starting her “healthy year” in 2020, Wilson lost more than 80 pounds and reached her goal weight. In the podcast, she also explains that it was told by a fertility doctor that she “has a much better chance of having a baby if you're healthier.” In 2022, she welcomed her first child via surrogate.

this detail about wilson pitch perfect The contract comes after she revealed in 2021 that she received “a lot of resistance” from her own team after she decided to lose weight. Because she “made millions of dollars as a fun fat girl,” Wilson said her team's reaction to her weight-loss journey was, “Why? Why would you do that?”

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