Pink says she struggled with weight loss after her father’s death left her ‘depressed’

Pink has said she has struggled to lose weight following hip and double disc replacement surgery last year and has been devastated by the loss of her father.

The pop superstar is gearing up to release her ninth studio album, trust, Some time after her father and her family's nanny both died of cancer.

appear on the cover Women's Health UKthe 43-year-old detailed how she works out on her Southern California farm after she gained weight during surgery.

The “Raise Your Glasses” singer, whose father will die of prostate cancer in 2021, said: “I'm probably a little bit depressed because of all the loss, I couldn't lose weight to save my life.

“I work out three hours a day, eat clean, but my metabolism is so bad – I can't start anything.

“I was like, ‘I'm exhausted, I'm sad, I haven't been away from my family in three years — not even a night. I just need a minute'.”

The “So What” singer, whose hits also include “What About Us” and “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” told the publication she likes being “strong.”

She added: “I identify with my core, my intuition and my strength. I have big, wide feet and I joke ‘better kick you with them'. I'm short, close to the ground, and fast and agile.”

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Her new track “When I Get There” is a love letter to those in her life who have recently passed away.

She explained: “I lost my father in August 2021. He had cancer for eight years.

“When that song was sent to me, I was numb. I don't grieve in a normal way, the way I see other people grieve.

“They seemed to understand their grief instantly. I was kind of numb. It took me a long time to open that suitcase, and that song was part of the unpacking.

“I heard it and I thought ‘that's my song'.”

The singer said she was also affected by the death of her family's nanny Trish, with whom she was close.

“I kind of feel like we're walking around with this slight trauma that some of us know and some of us don't,” she said of the grief.

“[Trish] One of the loves of our lives.. so my youngest.. talking about it made me cry.

“[My son]Jameson would walk up and down the kitchen and say ‘Hey Grandpa, hey Trish'.”

Last year, the singer told her anti-abortion fans to “never” listen to her music again.

The singer-songwriter's statement comes after the US Supreme Court ruled overturning the historic verdict Roe v Wade Decision, which has legalized abortion across the United States since 1973.

Pinker tweeted that the attack appeared to be aimed at supporters of the Supreme Court ruling, as well as racists and opponents of equal marriage.

“Let's be clear,” she tweeted. “If you think government belongs to women's wombs, gay business or marriage, or racism is acceptable – then please in your god's name never listen to my music again. And shut the fuck off now Lose.

Additional reporting by the Press Association.

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