Personal weight-loss journey turns into rewarding career in Waterdown

Carrie Nixon organizes stock on the shelves at Ewyn Weight Loss Studio in Waterdown.Carrie Nixon organizes stock on the shelves at Ewyn Weight Loss Studio in Waterdown.

Carrie Nixon started her health journey at a weight loss center.

“I did it because I couldn't have children and they told me I had to lose weight and maybe it would work,” says the owner of Ewyn Weight Loss Studios Waterdown.

After completing her weight loss program, her life changed.

“Now I have two,” she said of her children.

Gratitude after the trip landed her a job with a company offering a weight loss program and eventually propelled her into a career path she never expected.

After leaving that company that went bankrupt, she went back to school and worked as a personal trainer and fitness trainer before life happened and she was forced to do other things.

Nixon worked with a work counselor who asked her a question: When are you happiest?

“I said working at this previous company — helping people achieve their goals,” she recalls.

That's when her employment counselor mentioned Eywn and encouraged her to pursue any opportunity.

Nixon did just that and was called in for a job interview.

“We kind of hit it off,” she said of the recruiter. “I had a strange feeling that I was at home.”

In the fall, Nixon began running his own Ewyin Weight Loss Studio in Waterdown.

“Waterdown is very friendly and I've met some really nice people,” she said.

For potential clients, the studio offers an integrated three-tier system to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

Consisting of meal plans, health coaching and supplements, the program offers interested individuals the opportunity to learn more about the program during a free, no-obligation consultation.

“It taught me a lot about them, their needs, their needs, how much they wanted to weigh, whether they were on medication, whether they had any conditions,” Nixon said of the initial consultation.

The Ewyn team also tries to understand a potential client's motivation to lose weight and finds a person's support network.

“It allows me to identify the programs they are best suited for,” she says, noting that different weight goals have unique requirements.

Once a client signs up, they should visit the center daily for the first two weeks if possible so Nixon can ensure they are on the road to success.

“A lot of people don't eat enough, so we want to basically regulate their food intake so they get a certain amount of calories,” she said.

“They don't count calories, but the program is designed so that if they're eating right, they're getting the right amount of calories each day because we don't want their blood sugar to spike.”

The team also wants to make sure the client feels good and wants to move on.

“Sometimes I have to be a cheerleader, sometimes I'm an instructor, sometimes I'm just a shoulder to lean on; it just depends on what the client wants.

About EWYN Weight Loss Studio

80 Hamilton Street

Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-1pm



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