Peloton, Oura and other fitness apps roll out support for Google’s Health Connect platform

Back at I/O in May, it announced a partnership with Samsung to develop a platform that would make it easier for health and fitness apps to share data with each other while maintaining privacy measures. The move comes as the Health Connect app has exited early access and entered beta on the Play Store, while a number of health and fitness apps are rolling out integrations.

, , , , , , , Outdooractive and Proov Insight Google and Samsung's own services: , Google Fit and Samsung Health. These integrations mean that when you exercise in one app, you can share your stats across the Health Connect ecosystem. For example, companies like Oura and WeightWatchers will be able to factor in your Peloton workouts.

Google and Samsung are making it easier for health and fitness app developers to leverage this information by creating standardized data schemas. This supports six categories: Activity, Body Measurements, Period Tracking, Nutrition, Sleep, and Vitals. Google notes that apps can read and write any of these data types through Health Connect with just a few lines of code.

One of the main benefits for users is that they will be able to manage permissions for all these integrations in one place. Health Connect includes granular control over the type of data each third-party application can access. You can also block all apps from accessing Health Connect data with a few taps.

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