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After a few years of home workouts due to social distancing measures, I realized they never quite produced the same results I used to get from the gym. Recently, I was excited to get back to the gym, determined to get back to my pre-pandemic state. Ironically, every time I jump back into my old habits, I hurt myself badly. It's not that I can't, but the nature of my workouts has changed so much because I'm limited to working out at home so much that my body isn't used to the same high intensity. By exercising myself like I did years ago, I am destroying my joints or inadvertently causing future damage.

After some research, I decided to order the P.volve kit. P.Volve's Fitness Approach is “an innovative low-impact body-shaping workout designed to help you sweat; no your body. Yes please. That sounds exactly what I need and right now these kits are 40% off with code Holiday, So I decided to give it a try. I opted for the Essentials Kit ($78 off), which includes three months of online classes.After the trial period, classes start at just $7.50 per month—less than two oat milk lattes and method Less than my gym membership. The P.Volve kit includes its patented p.ball,, ankle weights and more. This deal might be one of the best discounts they're offering, so now's the perfect time to try it out. In addition, P.volve offers a wide variety of class types based on your goals and fitness level. Join me on this fitness adventure and let's get back soon!

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