No, weight loss patches do not work: Explained

Hyderabad: An advert promising an overnight weight loss solution is making the rounds on social media.

This viral post claims that you can shed those unwanted pounds in a month just by using the “Bellyoff Belly Patches” product. Put the patch anywhere you want to see the difference and magic happens.

Reaching your desired healthy weight is not about a “diet” or a “plan” but a lifestyle that includes healthy eating patterns, regular physical activity and stress management.

So, are these belly patches a boon for anyone looking for a quick weight loss solution?

Let's find out.

fact check

NewsMeter found that claim to be false.

Healthline refuted the validity of the abdominal patch. “Because dietary supplements do not have to meet the same standards of effectiveness as over-the-counter and prescription medicines, there is no evidence that weight loss patches cause weight loss,” it said.

It further added, “Any studies conducted by product manufacturers are generally small and do not meet the usual standards of scientific research. Some of these weight loss patches may have minimal effects on weight loss, but may have an effect that would overwhelm this minimal Affected side effects.”

The FTC reported in an article, “In two separate federal court actions, the FTC accused patch manufacturer Transdermal Products International Marketing Corporation and retailer SG Institute of Health & Education, Inc. of falsely claiming that skin The patch resulted in significant weight loss.”

NewsMeter contacted Dr Fawad Ali (General Practice), a diabetes specialist from Johns Hopkins University in the US, to debunk the claims of the virus spreading.

“It's a marketing gimmick … anyone can use anything these days to make money,” Dr. Ali said.

He added: “So far, there has been no medical research to show that magnets of any kind can make you lose weight. According to the theory proposed by an academic named Albert Roy in the 1970s, magnetic energy can help relieve pain. , especially for arthritis pain, and in a small number of people, it can help kill malignant cells. However, weight loss via magnetic energy is a myth that cannot be justified by any research.”

Dr. Ali further said: “If someone could lose weight with magnetic energy, then bariatric surgery would never be an option or an option for obesity. Magnetic rings are not an option for weight loss. Research paper on how intermittent fasting, yoga, and walking can easily help with weight loss Very well written.”

Diet control, avoiding food after 8pm and getting at least six hours of sleep a day are mandatory to stay fit and healthy, he said. Dr. Ali explained that staying healthy has the following benefits:

· Improves heart health.

· Reduce the risk of diabetes.

· Better blood circulation, maintain blood pressure.

· Increase libido and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Minimizes the risk of cancer (11% of cancers in women are due to excess body fat, 5% usually in men).

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