Nashville man eating only McDonalds for 100 days to lose weight

super shrink me.

Nashville grandpa Kevin Maginnis, 56, was ready to eat McDonald's against all odds for 100 days in an effort to shed the extra pounds — and it worked.

Maginnis, who weighed 238 pounds on Feb. 21, announced that he will get every meal from the world's largest fast-food chain for the next three months.

“I woke up this morning weighing 238 pounds,” Maginnis shared on his TikTok page @bigmaccoaching on Feb. 21. “I think that's absolutely unacceptable.”

Maginnis, whose TikTok has been viewed more than 650,000 times, believes that weight gain is not due to what you eat, but the amount of food a person consumes.

During his strange dieting journey, Makinis ruled out snacking, ate half of each meal and saved the other half for the next meal, and water was his drink of choice.

“It's not what you eat that really lifts us up, it's how much we eat,” Maginnis said in his first video, kicking off the diet. “I know many of you will think I'm crazy, but let's find out.”

Maginnis, a business coach turned diet vlogger, says everything on the menu is fair game in his meal choices — dessert included.

His first meal consisted of a sausage McMuffin and eggs and cheese, with well-cooked hash browns for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.

He ends the day with dinner of a Quarter Pounder “made like a Big Mac” and fries.

Tiktok by Maginnis.
Maginnis splits every meal he gets from fast food chains into two meals.
TikTok / @bigmaccoaching
Maginnis ate the other half of his breakfast for lunch.
Maginnis ate the other half of his breakfast for lunch.
TikTok / @bigmaccoaching

By the next day, Maginnis said he was feeling “hot” in his stomach due to the reduced calorie intake.

On the third day, Maginnis shared that he had lost three pounds and revealed that he had blood work done to see how his diet was affecting his health in addition to losing weight.

His blood work showed his A1C (blood sugar level) was “not good” and the rest of the results were “ok”, but Maginnis believes that the more weight he loses, the better his numbers will be next time.

Enjoy some McDonalds after Miginnis shows up "today show" Discuss his diet.
Miginnis enjoys some McDonald's after appearing on “The Today Show” to discuss his diet.
TikTok / @bigmaccoaching

Maginnis chose to share his journey on TikTok to keep himself accountable, and he kept a daily log of what he ate—sometimes posting multiple videos—and by the end of the first week he had lost 10 pounds.

But the biggest motivator for Magninnis in losing weight and trying to get healthier is his family.

“The biggest motivation is wanting my family to be healthy. I have kids and grandkids and I want to be here for them,” the dieter shared on another TikTok.

As of Thursday, Maginnis was down to 225.5 pounds.

His interesting diet also landed him an appearance on Thursday's Today Show, where he told hosts Carson Daly and Shenel Jones that his diet “definitely works.”

“You have to get to where you have some heat in your stomach,” he told the hosts. “They call it starvation; I call it my incinerator, which burns off all the excess fat.”

Miginnis was interviewed "today show" About his strange diet that has attracted a lot of attention on social media.
Miginnis was interviewed on the “Today Show” about his bizarre diet that's gotten a lot of attention on social media.
Youtube/Today's Food

Maginnis revealed that in his youth he lost weight as a wrestler and army boxer, two sports that require athletes to reach a certain weight before competition.

Jones asked Maginnis on the show if he consulted with his doctors while on the diet and what they thought of his alternative diet.

“I have cardiologists who love it and cardiologists who hate it,” Makinis shared jokingly. “It's like a comment on TikTok.”

"plus size me"
Documentary “Super Size Me” star Morgan Spurlock also has a diet similar to Miginnis'.
Movie Magic

Maginnis also said he chose McDonald's and that the fast-food giant did not sponsor him in any way.

“I'm big [and] My name is Maginnis, so the nickname Big Mac gets thrown around sometimes. I thought, “Why not embrace it?” I love McDonald's,” he said.

Maginnis' diet has parallels to Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary “Super Size Me,” in which Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald's for 30 days, gained nearly 25 pounds during the diet, and suffered a rapid decline in his physical and mental health, forcing him to end his diet. experimented.

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