Meghan McCain being ‘urged’ to take Ozempic to lose baby weight

Meghan McCain is under intense pressure to take ‘quick fixes' to lose baby weight just four weeks after giving birth to her second child.

McCain, 38, shared in a Daily Mail column that since she and husband Ben Domenech, 41, welcomed their daughter Clover on January 19 Since Jade, she has been “urging” to take Ozempic to “melt the baby” weight. “

“I just had my baby and someone urged me to take Ozempic's ‘miracle shot' as a quick way to shed baby weight,” the TV personality wrote in the op-ed. Disturbed – I refuse. “

Ozempic is semaglutide, a drug designed for people with type 2 diabetes — but it's prescribed to socialites and celebrities to help them lose weight.

“I just had a baby four weeks ago and you won't believe what I'm hearing,” McCain wrote. “Yes, I was answering all the usual questions: Is she sleeping? Am I sleeping? The answer – obviously – is ‘no'. But then I was hit by this question: ‘Are you going to watch Ozempic? ” excuse me?”

Meghan McCain says she was 'urged' to take Ozempic 4 weeks after giving birth
Meghan McCain gave birth to her daughter Clover Jade on January 19.
Instagram / @meghanmccain

She went on to explain the phenomenon behind “panacea,” which seems to be a new trend among A-listers.

“One injection, once a week, for $1,000 a shot, you can lose weight,” she said.

McCain also named a number of high-profile celebrities who have used the drug or have been accused of using it, including Chelsea Handler, Elon Musk and Kyle Richards — who have denied taking the drug , though “Real Housewives” star Jackie Goldschneider claims many of her cast members are taking it.

McCain says she understands that “there are people who are battling obesity and need Ozempic. But I'm not one of those people” — which explains her inquiries to “regular friends” and “industry acquaintances” if she'd like to take the drug cause for shock.

“I was told ‘everyone is doing it,' as if it was a convincing case,” McCain wrote. “I heard, ‘Just take the shot,' because it had been shorthanded. A guy who ‘had an extra shot at home' even offered me a black market freebie.”

She continued, “Okay, let me get one thing straight. I don't take it. I say no. There's an obvious moral issue here. It's hard to take medicine because swimsuit season is coming and everyone else needs it to sustain life. How can this be healthy?”

Meghan McCain 'urged' to take Ozempic a month after giving birth
Meghan McCain says it's her responsibility as a mother to set a good example.
Megan McCain/Instagram

Ozempic 2mg dose approved to provide additional glycemic control in type 2 diabetes
Ozempic is a medicine designed for people with type 2 diabetes.
Novo Nordisk

Meghan McCain 'urged' to take Ozempic a month after giving birth
Meghan McCain was shocked her “regular friends” and “industry acquaintances” asked her if she would take the drug.
Megan McCain/Instagram

“One pill or one shot isn't going to solve everything in life, but Americans tend to be. Ozempic does that perfectly.”

McCain added that she fears this trend of using Ozempic to lose weight is “big pharma exploiting cultural obesity phobia,” believing it will hinder progress made on body positivity and acceptance.

She returned the column to her two daughters, Clover and 2-year-old Liberty Sage, saying it was her responsibility as a mother to set a good standard.

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Meghan McCain writes in op-ed: “I just had my baby and I was urged to take Ozempic's ‘miracle shot' as a quick way to shed baby weight.” . . it was scary , unfair and disturbing – I refuse. “
Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

“As a new mom, I also have a responsibility to set an example for my daughters, who will one day face the same beauty standards. As social media penetrates deeper into Americans' minds, their world will only become more challenging Sex. It's not the world I want for them, and it's not the world I want for myself,” McCain said.

“As for Ozempic, I'd rather put on a few extra pounds than take pills,” she added. “Nothing worth having comes easily. It's good for my health and my daughter's.”

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