Maryland explores bill to restrict access to weight loss supplements

Maryland House of Representatives Bill 634, which cross-submits Maryland Senate Bill 602, calls for restrictions on the use of dietary supplements or weight-loss drugs by minors. The bill does not attempt to regulate muscle-building supplements.

The bills follow similar efforts over the past 12 months in states including California, New York and New Jersey. Efforts in California and New York passed state legislatures but were ultimately rejected by their respective governors.

At a hearing before the Maryland House Economic Affairs Committee, Del. Joseph Vogel, the bill's lead sponsor, said there are concerns that time spent on social media is linked to diet pill use because social media The media promotes “unrealistic and harmful body expectations”.

Del. Vogel claims that diet drug companies take advantage of this to “push these poorly regulated diet pills toward young people.”

“HB634 is designed to protect youth from these underregulated and overused over-the-counter diet pills and to ensure that consumers in Maryland are protected,” he said.

industry responseof

Robert Marriott, director of regulatory affairs for the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), said in testimony opposing the bill: “The bill as described mischaracterizes the product category in question, particularly dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are regulated by the federal government. They are regulated by the federal government. Constrained by adverse event reporting requirements at the federal level. Manufacturing and product are subject to safety and formulation inspections, including product specification requirements.”

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