Mark Wahlberg Sleeps In Now, Wakes Up At 3:30 in the Morning

Becoming a multi-millionaire is not easy, but Mark Wahlberg makes it look easy with his various business ventures, such as co-owning burger chain Wahlburgers and clothing brand Municipal, as well as his A lucrative career as a household name actor.

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Back in 2018, the actor went viral for sharing his unorthodox routine, revealing that he wakes up at the ungodly (for most people) time of 2.30am just to get all the work done . That, combined with a strict and disciplined schedule that includes decaffeinating in the morning and finishing your first workout of the day at 4:00 am, has people wondering how that's even possible.

Wahlberg's daily schedule via Instagram Stories in 2018

But it looks like even Marky Mark himself thinks that's going too far.wahlberg recently with wall street journal A big update on his routine – he's now allowing himself to sleep in – to a comfortable time between 3:30 and 4am

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“I always start with prayer time. Then take my vitamins,” he told the outlet. “I used to eat breakfast. Now I'm totally intermittent fasting. I don't eat; I just go out and work out.”

Intermittent fasting also led the entrepreneur to indulge in espresso, which he says was off the table for him until recently, as did other sources of caffeine, such as coffee and tea.

Wahlberg ends his fasts later in the day, usually between six-hour windows, depending on his schedule.

“The perfect time slot for me is between noon and 6 p.m. On tougher workout days, it might be a smaller time slot. Maybe 12 or 14 hours,” he says wall street journal. I can eat more on those days. But five days a week, I'll be fast 18 hours. “

Wahlberg told the outlet that he is most productive and creative in the early morning hours, and that being consistent with his routine is one thing that helps him maintain optimal levels of productivity.

He starts haying when most people are eating or finishing dinner, around 7:30 p.m.

As for his best advice for those who want to be as successful as he is?

“You've got to keep going, you've got to keep working. Leave no stone unturned. Don't expect other people to figure it out,” he said. “You have to be in it for the long haul.”

Wahlberg's net worth is estimated at $400 million.

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