Man who lost 260kg in shocking weight loss journey

Casey King, from Georgia, USA, has lost more than 260kg in a stunning weight loss journey he often shares on social media.  — TLC, Instagram / @_caseyking_
Casey King, from Georgia, USA, has lost more than 260kg in a stunning weight loss journey he often shares on social media. — TLC, Instagram / @_caseyking_

Casey King from Georgia, USA loses over 260kg in his shocking race weight loss journey He often shares it on social media.

Not long ago, Kim got to the point where she couldn't get out of the shower. In 2014, when Kim weighed 355kg, he spent 11 hours in the shower.

“God, it's dark in here, but I try to get out and it hurts, and then I try and try again and again,” he told sun, Adding that he became exhausted but could not get out.

The incident was a wake-up call for the then 38-year-old.

King has inspired 38,000 followers on Instagram and he also appeared on the TLC show “My Life at 3,000 Pounds.” After losing all the extra pounds, he said he now has a normal life, one of which is dating.

Recalling his boyhood life, he said sun It's not easy. “I'm a social outcast […] The people who can make friends with me are limited. Food is the only thing that makes me happy,” he told the outlet.

He added that he would eat an entire bag of french fries as well as a full Big Mac oversized meal.

“I'm done.”

Although he is now at a healthy weight, he says life is still difficult because the saggy skin is still a part of his body.

He said his mother became concerned about his weight, so he tried several drugs in high school. But nothing works. In his twenties, he has become the fattest man in the town. As a result, Kim was unable to perform basic tasks like putting on shoes or clothes and had to rely on family members.

“I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom, wipe my bum or clean myself,” sun He was quoted.

As his social life suffers, Kim takes his life through social media because, as he puts it, he “has no life.” It also affected his mental health.

“I feel alone,” he said.

King believes his food obsession can be compared to a “terrible drug addiction”.

In 2011, however, he hit a turning point: his newborn nephew Thomas. Kim realized he was the only uncle for the child and he needed to be “smart, funny and loving”.

“But I wouldn't be able to do that if I weighed over 800 pounds.”

A few years later, Kim joined a gym, going four times a week and reducing her calorie intake. He started by spending two hours in the gym and swimming hundreds of laps.

In 2018, he had bariatric surgery, which prompted him to lose weight. He said he wanted to look better because he had started receiving compliments from women on the dating app.

He is currently working harder to lose weight and plans to have surgery to remove the excess skin.

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