Local doctor explains why losing weight in the spring is easier

For many, spring seems to be the best season because of the flowers and pleasant weather. More people may be enjoying spring these days because this season can actually help you lose some pounds. Any time of year is a great time to get serious about losing weight. However, many health experts say that certain times of the year are better for weight loss than others. With spring fast approaching, many may be in for a shock because now is the perfect time to start your weight loss journey.

“We're seeing some changes in people wanting to get out more,” said Dr. Gary Goodnight, Taylor County health officer.

It's that time of year again when the days get longer and flowers start to bloom. People start to participate in outdoor activities and exercise in spring. Taylor County Medical Specialist Dr. Gary Goodnight explains why more people tend to lose weight in the spring due to longer daylight hours.

“I do think the days are getting longer, especially for people who are in the office all day, and you can go home and have a good time outside before dark,” Dr. Goodnight said. I think a lot of times, in the winter, even in West Texas, we are often stuck inside. During that time, we're not as active, so the calories we burn aren't being burned,” the local doctor said.

Other factors, such as higher vitamin D intake, increased energy and more outdoor activity, partly explain why weight loss is less difficult in the spring. As Dr. Gary Goodnight says, seasonal changes can affect your activity and overall health.

“It just boosts your well-being because you're doing something useful, which is exercising, so I think that's really important this time of year. You also have to reduce your calorie intake a little bit, which I think once you do Those two things, and you'll see weight loss,” says the doctor.

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