Kyle Richards Wears Daughter Alexia’s Dress After Weight Loss

Borrowing from her daughter's script! Kyle Richards looks unreal Elton JohnThe 31st Academy Awards Gala on Sunday, March 12 – in a dress she borrowed from her 26-year-old daughter.

“My hair and makeup. Steal this dress from @AlexiaUmansky,” the 54-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star captioned an Instagram Story video from her car on Sunday. (Kyle and husband Mauricio Umanski also the daughter's parents sophia23, and Portia15. Daughter of Reality TV Celebrities Farah with the ex Quraish Al Jufri.)

Kyle Richards wears daughter Alexia's dress to Oscar party after losing weight
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Richards looked fit in a black gown, and her svelte figure has been making headlines in recent months. After repeatedly denying taking the weight-loss drug Ozempic, the Bravo star shares her insights on lifestyle changes.

“After we were in Europe for a month, I changed my diet,” she explained during an Amazon Live session in January. “We were in Europe for three weeks and then in Australia for a week and I put on weight and I said, ‘Okay, that's it.' No sugar, no carbs, no alcohol.”

She noted at the time that she had no plans to lose a few more pounds.

Kyle Richards wears daughter Alexia's dress to Oscar party after losing weight
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“Now that I've lost the weight I wanted to lose — and I don't want to lose any more — of course I'll have birthday cake or some pasta, but really, let's be honest, once in a lifetime,” the Halloween actress continued. “I'm not on a ketogenic diet, just basically, I eat protein, vegetables, fruit, and carbs every once in a while. But I do eat fruit and vegetables all the time, and I really like cereal.”

In February, Richards had been sober for seven months — and told her Instagram followers she was “not planning” to drink while filming season 13. Rob Black, recently started production. “Having said that, some of these women have been known to drive people around for drinks 😜🥴🥂,” she quipped.
She also stepped up her exercise routine.

“Love my peloton!” Richards wrote via Instagram last month. “I use it about 3 times a week now, I used to do some strength training but not anymore. I do like arm and interval training classes when I'm short on time.”

since joining housewife Throughout the 2010 franchise, Richards has been open about the number of plastic surgeries she's had in Beverly Hills, revealing that she's had two nose jobs and a breast reduction.

“I've never lied about anything I've done, and I never, never will,” said Richards, who has Botox injections and other lasers Watch What It's Like to Live With Andy Cohen June 2022.[People] Think I made my face, I made this, [but] I really don't. I will tell you everything. “

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