Kyle Cooke Addresses Wife Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss

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Bravo star's weight loss explained.

Kyle Cooke has opened up about his wife Amanda Batula's weight loss. The “Summer House” star revealed that it was a combination of medication changes that caused his wife's dramatic weight loss and menstrual problems.

In a March 2023 interview with Page Six's “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, Cook, 40, said his wife's medical struggles “clearly a lot more than what viewers see on Bravo reality show.” . In the “Mountain Resort” episode “A Cup of Faithful Tea,” filmed in the summer of 2022, Batura, 31, revealed that she hasn't had a period since going off birth control in November 2021.

“I'm going to set the record straight,” Cook said in an interview. “Yes, going off birth control can make you lose weight. It can also cause your hormones to go out of control, like when you were a teenager.”

The Loverboy CEO revealed that after she got off the pill, Batura's hormones went wild and started to explode. “She went on … a by-product that just happened to be a drug for clearer skin,” he said. “One of the side effects was that it also caused her to lose some weight. I don't think it's a common side effect, but it was like a double weight loss that she couldn't control.”

Kyle Cooke reacts to his wife being harassed on social media

Cook previously told Us Weekly that when his wife came off birth control, it affected her menstrual cycle. “She lost a lot of weight, but her body didn't get back to normal,” he said in February 2023.

But some “Summer House” viewers continued to post harsh comments about Batura's weight loss. In the Reddit post, commenters were concerned that Batula had lost more weight from her already thin body.

“The summer house this season is so different from last year's winter house… and I mean very different,” one fan wrote. “I always thought she was absolutely beautiful, perfect body, everything. Now she looks Waking up very sick. It breaks my heart. I hope she's okay.”

Others said they were concerned that Batura's hair and skin would be affected, while another speculated that her weight loss might be stress-related.

In the podcast interview, Cook responded to comments directed at his wife.

“She's been hearing a lot of crap from trolls about her weight and people are like, ‘Well, you missed your period because you lost a lot of weight,'” he said, adding that it's been “difficult ’, as his wife was simultaneously dealing with weight loss and adult acne as well as fertility issues.

Kyle Cook says Amanda Batula is in a better place now

In “Summer House,” Batura admits she doesn't want to know if there's something wrong with her body. Her co-star Ciara Miller agreed to see a doctor to address her missed period.

On the “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, Cook said he was “very grateful” to Miller, a nurse, who encouraged his wife to see a doctor. While he didn't disclose the results, Cook previously said his wife has been doing much better since she filmed “Summer House” last summer.

‘[She’s] In a better place … especially in terms of her personal health,” he told Us Weekly.

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