Kim Kardashian’s fans concerned for her health after she posts ‘disturbing’ new pic of her dinner after big weight loss

KIM Kardashian has raised concerns about her health by showing fans what she eats.

The photo, posted on her Instagram Story, shows very little food on her plate.

Kim Kardashian's fans worry about her weight loss


Kim Kardashian's fans worry about her weight lossImage credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
The reality star posted a picture of a small portion on her plate


The reality star posted a picture of a small portion on her plate

Kim, 42, seems to have eaten a plate full of Beyond Meat products.

While the photo was likely an ad for the plant-based company, Kardashian critics immediately became concerned about Kim's weight.

The plate contained a mini taco, about a teaspoon of corn, a little over a tablespoon of rice, about half a cup of salad, and what appeared to be a half-eaten taco.

In a Reddit thread titled: “What is this for ants?! She's definitely going back to the ozempic hyperdrive,” commenters were raving about what the reality star is eating.

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“In my Mexican life, I've never seen a single, ONE, taco served,” wrote one Redditor, while another agreed: “It's not even a whole taco. It's a Mini tacos. Two bites max.”

“This looks like my plate…post-op gastric bypass,” wrote another.

Others, however, stood by the Hulu star.

“That looks like a normal amount of food on a large plate,” argued another. “Look at the size of the corn kernels compared to the plate! Or the lime slices! That's no ordinary dinner plate.”

“It's actually a normal serving size…especially for someone as short as Kim (I'm about the same height),” wrote one fan.

Another admitted: “I wouldn't necessarily say it's a small amount of food, I think it's a light lunch (you can see one of the tacos has been partially eaten). Spacing between food so Not being exposed to anything, though, anything else could signal an eating disorder.”

gym time

Kim recently took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday and showed fans her workout routine with personal trainer Senada Greca.

Kim posted a mixture of images and videos, showing off her figure in an all-black tracksuit and pulling her brunette hair up in a bun.

The mum-of-four uses a range of different equipment in her luxurious home gym and seems to be pushing herself to the limit when it comes to squats and hip thrusts.

She captioned a mirror selfie of her and Senada: “Want to be like her today!

“Insane workout, even when I was tired and not feeling well, I got up and pushed myself and ended up with one of my most intense workouts ever!”

“Thank you for always pushing me Senada Greca,” the Hulu star gushed.

Despite trying to stay positive, not everyone was impressed with Kim's workout content, claiming some of her moves weren't done correctly.

When her post was retweeted on a popular Kardashian Reddit page, other fitness enthusiasts had a lot to say.

“She's in terrible shape. It's not something she does very often,” said one person.

lose weight

A source previously told the US Sun that Kim “loves her thin body” and plans to lose even more pounds by going on a special sugar-free diet.

The insider said Kim “didn't want to gain weight because she thought she'd never looked better.

“She loves how thin she is and wants to keep it that way.

“She said she planned to lose another two pounds because at that point she was below her ideal weight and it didn't matter if she fluctuated a little bit.”

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The source added that Kim lost 21 pounds over the summer and ate candy for the first time in weeks at her 42nd birthday party.

Kim raised eyebrows after admitting she lost 16 pounds in three weeks to wear Marilyn Monroe's iconic gown to the Met Gala last May.

Kim recently showed off her constricting butt in tight leggings in a mirror selfie during her workout


Kim recently showed off her constricting butt in tight leggings in a mirror selfie during her workoutPhoto Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Kim lost about 20 pounds last year


Kim lost about 20 pounds last yearCredit: Getty
A US Sun source says the reality star eats a sugar-free diet


A US Sun source says the reality star eats a sugar-free dietPhoto Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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