Jimmy Kimmel’s weight loss transformation – how did he do it?

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jimmy kimmel link fans with offensive comment in his oscar opening monologue He also mentioned the controversial drug Ozempic, which A-list stars are rumored to be taking to lose weight. But what about the host's own body transformation?

How much weight has Kimmy Kimmel lost?

Jimmy's journey to optimal health began in 2010 when he hit 208 lbs. Jimmy has since lost about 28 pounds and now enjoys maintaining a healthy physique.

Oscar Host Follows 5:2 Diet

How did Jimmy Kimmel lose weight?

To lose weight, the star has opened up about following a 5:2 diet.

“I got the idea from a BBC documentary about this Indian guy who looked about 138 years old and said his secret was a strict calorie restriction,” he said men's magazine.

Jimmy loves his food

But one look at Jimmy's Instagram feed will tell you that the man loves his food, so he's not denying himself anything good – he just makes sure it's not on a fasting day!

What kind of sports does Jimmy Kimmel do?

While most healthcare professionals recommend diet and exercise to maintain a healthy physique, Jimmy doesn't like exercise. In the same interview, he said: “I realized you can exercise, which is great, but if you really want to lose weight, you have to eat less. It's something I never thought about. I always thought, ‘OK Well, if I started running, I'd be in good shape. But I know people who run every day and they still have grit.”

What did Jimmy Kimmel look like before losing weight?

The star lost 28 pounds

The comedian first started on the 5:2 diet after appearing at the Los Angeles premiere of “Funny People” in 2009. Now, Jimmy has a slimmer figure and looks great in a nice suit.

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