Jimmy Kimmel makes Ozempic weight loss joke during Oscars monologue: ‘Perfect’

Jimmy Kimmel piqued the interest of Oscar viewers after he joked about the widespread use of diabetes drug Ozempic by Hollywood A-listers.

On Sunday, March 12, Kimmel, who hosted the 95th Academy Awards, took to the stage to share an opening monologue filled with jokes ranging from Nicole Kidman's AMC commercial to Steven Spielberg.

In the monologue, in which Kimmel joked about losing weight using prescription injectables, the comedian told the audience: “Everyone looks great. As I look around the room, I can't help but think ‘Is Ozempic right for me?'” “

The joke drew laughter from the crowd, and viewers took to social media to share their enjoyment of the joke.

“Can't believe Jimmy Kimmel is publicly mentioning Ozempic in front of all Hollywood,” one tweeted, while another said: “Jimmy Kimmel isn't making fun of Hollywood's Ozempic craze .”

“Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time telling Ozempic jokes,” tweeted others.

According to another viewer, Kimmel's decision to make an Ozempic joke within the first two minutes of the Oscars was “perfect.”

“Bingo cards! Jimmy Kimmel made an Ozempic one-liner in less than two minutes!” joked one viewer.

With reports of widespread use in Hollywood and social media, the diabetes drug is growing in popularity as a way to lose weight.

With increased use, however, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have warned of an increase in “ozone face” and weight loss that could lead to premature aging of the face.

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