Jillian Michaels warns against using diabetes drug Ozempic for weight loss

Jillian Michaels warns against using diabetes drug Ozempic as a weight loss solution in a new interview.

The celebrity fitness trainer said she convinced at least eight people close to her to stop using the FDA-approved semaglutide (or the drug used to treat type 2 diabetes) because of its side effects.

Speaking of peopleMichaels said: “I've had at least eight family friends' parents come off the drug. They started having heart palpitations, feeling nauseous, and feeling terrible.

“They felt really bad, which prompted them to reverse their type 2 diabetes.”

Michaels then advised the men to make lifestyle changes, such as walking 10,000 steps a day, and removing sugar from their diets.

After Ozempic went viral on TikTok, influential plus-size model Remi Bader said she “doubled her weight” after she stopped taking the drug.

Michaels also talks about the “rebound effect,” the return of weight after stopping the drug.

“Once they're off the drug, it has a rebound effect,” she told the publication. “So you get nothing. You quit drugs for a year and then go all the way back.

“You haven't learned anything. You haven't built any strength or stamina. You haven't learned how to eat healthy.”

She urges people who might consider Ozempic to do research because it has some “very significant side effects.”

“Do your homework on it. The results don't last for the most part,” says Michaels.

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