Jessica Simpson Sparks Concern With ‘Extreme’ Weight Loss

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Jessica Simpson has fans worried about her weight, with one user even saying it's “extreme” weight loss.

The 42-year-old fashion mogul and singer continues to gather comments about her slim figure on Instagram. In her latest share, she posted a family photo with husband Eric Simpson and daughter Birdie Mae, born in 2019. While the photos are all about the star's youngest daughter, fans in the comments section have started discussing her weight.

Show off family with daughter Birdie Mae

Jessica updated her account in time for the weekend. Nick Lachey's ex-husband was all smiles as he posed indoors holding Birdie Mae, with husband Eric standing nearby. Looking as stylish as ever, Duke of Hazzard The star wore a black printed bohemian coat, which also added a lot of color with decorative details. Jessica's little one wore an adorable red outfit, while Eric wore blue jeans and a plaid shirt.

Jessica kept her blonde hair neatly tied in a low ponytail, keeping it gorgeous and simple. The former reality star opted for a center part and added a full face of makeup, showing off her full pout while wearing hoop earrings to complete her look. In the caption, she focused on her family, writing:

“The Brdie girl is my loud belle, with a set of lungs and a sound box that's likely to destroy mics and speakers 🔊 I'm very familiar if I do say so myself.”

all those weight reviews

The reply came quickly. “What happened to her?” one fan asked, adding that Simpson looked “different.” This user has over 500 likes. “She's taken her weight loss to extremes,” said another.

A third chimed in: “She doesn't look like herself. She was small so it wasn't like that. Her face looked very different. Looked happy so that's fine ;). Jessica in 2019 Made headlines as she lost 100 pounds after welcoming Birdie Mae.

“Jessica either starts eating or stops getting injections, you're a beautiful woman please stop,” said a fourth user.

jessica simpson
Jessica Simpson/Instagram

lose 100 lbs

Jessica sticks to a calorie-controlled diet to change her weight. She eats a lot of egg whites and walks 10,000 steps a day to help burn more calories. She now lives a healthy lifestyle and claims she doesn't know her weight. However, fans continued to harass her and suggest she has an eating disorder. One user wasn't too keen on the shaming, though.

“I'm appalled that people take the time to comment negatively on another person's post. Imagine if someone posted a similar comment under one of your photos. It would hurt wouldn't it? ❤️ Kindness. It's free Yes, and convincingly,” they wrote.

What do you think of Jessica's weight loss?

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