Jeongyeon displays her impressive weight loss for TWICE’s comeback

Korean Netizens Are Impressed by the Teaser Photos of TWICE’s Comebackget ready,' Especially Jeongyeon's weight loss.

TWICE's Jingyan has undergone tremendous changes in appearance in the past few years, and her weight problem has always attracted attention. In the past, sudden changes in her weight after hiatus due to neck pain and panic and anxiety issues have worried fans from time to time.

Lately, Jeongyeon has looked slimmer and prettier than ever.

Fans were delighted to see Jeongyeon looking fitter and slimmer. Many praised her weight loss success and commented, “Wow, how did she lose so much weight? “She's amazing,” “I hope she hasn't pushed herself too hard to lose weight.” As long as she's healthy” “She's the best” “I wish you happiness” “Lost so much” “So pretty” and”She works out even when she's not feeling well. “

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